Saturday, February 16, 2019

Winter Weather Advisory

2:45 PM Update: Good Afternoon Stateline! A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Whiteside, Carroll, Stephenson, Jo-Daviess, Green, Rock, and Walworth counties starting at Midnight tonight.

We can expect light snow to move in early tomorrow morning, with moderate snow bands moving through during the day tomorrow. Roads due to the snow will be slick so please make sure to take your time while out on the roads!

4:25 PM Update: Head up Stateline! A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Winnebago, Lee, Boone, Ogle, and Dekalb counties starting at midnight tonight. This puts our entire viewing area under a Winter Weather Advisory!

 9:00 PM Update: 

Let's take a look at the next 24 hours using futurecast. Snow will arrive in our western counties after midnight tonight. Where you see the darker blues, you could see moderate snowfall rates.

Snow should start to lighten up by the evening hours tomorrow with a few snow showers lingering on into Monday morning. Roads will be slick tomorrow so if you head out on the roads, give yourself extra time and widen your following distance.

Here is a look at what we are expecting when it is all said and done. Our counties out to the west we see the most of this system. Sterling, Galena, and Monroe will see about 3" to 5". For Janesville, Rockford & Rochelle, we should expect 2" to 4" of snow with lighter accumulations to the southeast! 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tumbling Temperatures Thursday Night

A strong cold front moving through southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois will bring temperatures back down into the low 30s and upper 20s by Thursday evening, and then into the single digits by Friday morning.  Wind chills out west have already fallen into the teens and are expected to fall below zero by morning.

Northwest winds will also increase following the passage of the cold front, gusting as high as 35 mph overnight.  There are a few light snow showers moving through Wisconsin and could impact parts of southern Wisconsin through 11pm.  No accumulation is expected.

Winds will begin to die down some Friday afternoon but temperatures will be roughly ten degrees below average.

Happy Valentine's Day Stateline!

Happy Valentine's Day Stateline! Temperatures today will top out in the lower 40s, which is well above average for this time of the year. Our average high should be in the low to mid 30s. Skies will be mostly cloudy today, and a slight chance for mixed precipitation cannot be ruled out this afternoon and into the early evening hours.

After the 40s today, we'll be back down into the 20s starting tomorrow and into the weekend. The colder than normal conditions look to continue as we end off the month of February. You'll have to head down to the Southeast to find warmer than normal conditions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Increasing Winds Tuesday Night - Hazardous Travel Overnight

9:10pm Update: Steady snow showers continue over south-central Wisconsin with scattered snow showers across northwest Illinois.

8:10pm Update: Scattered snow showers continue this evening, but should be coming to an end between 10pm and Midnight.  Winds will remain gusty through the night, at times gusting close to 40-45mph.  Blowing snow has been a significant problem in open and rural areas Tuesday evening.

Winds will come down some by tomorrow morning but roads may still be slick, especially untreated roads.

6:30pm Update: Most of the roads in northern Illinois have either some ice or snow covering them, especially with the light snow falling and increasing wind.  However, roads in Carroll, Ogle and Lee counties appear to be the worst.  Significant blowing and drifting snow has created near whiteout conditions, especially in the open and rural areas.  If you must head out tonight, please travel with caution!  But if you don't, then just stay inside.

Light snow will continue to fly across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin through about 10pm/11pm.  The snow has already started to stick to the roads making them very slick and in some spots hazardous to travel.  There have been several accidents reported, mostly south of Rockford, already this evening.

Even though the snow comes to an end overnight, we may still see some flurries through Wednesday morning.  Wind gusts will reach 35-40mph, possibly up to 45 mph, during the night. 
This could cause additional power outages in areas that had heavy freezing rain late Monday night.

Winds will still remain gusty through Wednesday morning, calming a little by the afternoon as high pressure moves in.

You Name It... We Saw It... Snow, Sleet & Freezing Rain

You name it... we have it (weather alert-wise). We have Winter Storm Warnings, Winter Weather Advisories and Wind Advisories in effect. Earlier we also had Ice Storm Warnings. They're all thanks to the snow, sleet and freezing rain that has been moving through.

We will continue to see the chance for wrap around snow showers this afternoon as the low pressure system slides off to the north and east.

As you can see from satellite and radar, the worst of the winter weather moved through late Monday and into early this morning. The chance for snow will continue into early this evening.

After yet another winter storm, we picked up anywhere from 2.2" to 8" of snow. We also saw a large amount of freezing rain yet with this system. DeKalb picked up over .5" of ice, while Rockford picked up over .3" of ice. It all added together to make a wintry mess!

With winds picking up this afternoon and into the evening hours, expect the potential for some blowing snow across the Stateline.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Evening Weather Update

(12:16:55 AM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: Rockford Airport [Winnebago Co, IL] official nws obs reports SNOW of M1.6 INCH at 11:54 PM CST -- storm total thus far, with 0.19 ice accum.

(12:12:53 AM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: Rockford Airport [Winnebago Co, IL] asos reports FREEZING RAIN of M0.19 INCH at 11:54 PM CST -- storm total ice as measured by the rfd asos thus far.

10:30pm Update: Current road conditions across northern Illinois - many roads reported all snow/ice covered.  Travel is not advised tonight!

(9:53:04 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 2 WNW Freeport [Stephenson Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M2.1 INCH at 09:52 PM CST --

(9:53:21 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 3 N Stockton [Jo Daviess Co, IL] co-op observer reports SNOW of M2.5 INCH at 09:52 PM CST -- melted 0.15 inches.

(9:46:32 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: Milledgeville [Carroll Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M1.6 INCH at 09:44 PM CST -- light glaze of ice also reported.

 (8:52:45 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 1 N Sterling [Whiteside Co, IL] broadcast media reports SNOW of M1.0 INCH at 08:51 PM CST -- freezing rain occurring currently, light glaze on all surfaces.

10:00pm Update: Carroll, Whiteside, Ogle, Lee and DeKalb have been upgraded to an Ice Storm Warning and Winnebago and Boone counties have been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning.  Freezing rain has been falling mostly along I-88 this evening, with already a glaze of ice reported in Whiteside County.  Ice accumulations of up to a quarter of an inch, if not more, can be expected in those counties by Tuesday morning. 

 9:00pm Update: Beginning to see more freezing rain mix in with the snow across Whiteside, Lee, Ogle and DeKalb counties this evening.  Our weather watcher in Esmond (DeKalb County) has reported mostly freezing rain for over an hour.

Road conditions will continue to deteriorate through the overnight and early Tuesday.

Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories continue for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, lasting through Midnight Wednesday.  The snow was quick to move in Monday evening and has been quick to accumulate across northern Illinois, with already a couple inches of snow measured in Stockton (Jo Daviess County).

Light to moderate snow continues to fall across most of the area, however, sleet and freezing rain is beginning to mix in across parts of southern
Ogle, Lee and DeKalb counties and will be most likely through early Tuesday morning.  The heaviest sleet/freezing rain rates may occur after Midnight.  There, snow totals will be reduced but ice accumulations will be higher and could add up close to a couple tenths of an inch.

Roads were quick to become snow covered Monday evening, despite temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s.  Roads are slick and will remain slick during Tuesday morning's commute, even though the snowfall will remain a little more scattered.

Area wide snow totals will range between three to six inches, with locations northwest of Rockford receiving totals on the higher end due to a longer period in snow.  As the low pressure system passes to the east Tuesday winds will shift around to the northwest during the morning and afternoon, gusting close to 40 mph by late afternoon.  Additional snow showers will occur on the backside of the low which when combined with the wind, will likely drop visibility and cause some problems for the evening commute.

Another Round Of Snow & Ice

Another round of winter weather looks to move into the Stateline late this afternoon. It should linger overnight tonight and into your Tuesday. Because of the snow and ice expected, a Winter Storm Warning goes into effect at 3pm for the western half of the Stateline (including Stephenson, Green, Jo Daviess, Carroll and Whiteside counties). A few hours later, at 6pm a Winter Weather Advisory goes into effect for the rest of the Stateline.

Much of the precipitation should begin around 4-5pm this evening as a wintry mix and freezing rain. With the potential for more freezing rain, expect some slick spots. The wintry mix should transition over to a wet snow this evening and into your Tuesday.

Futurecast has the chance starting around 4-5pm for southern portions of the viewing area.

The precipitation will build northward as the evening progresses, and by 9-10pm much of the area should be dealing with a wintry mix / snow.

As snow continues to fall tomorrow morning, the low pressure system will move overhead.

As the low pushes off to the north and east, expect wrap around snow showers to continue tomorrow afternoon and evening.

We could be talking about total accumulations of 3-6" in many locations. Depending on how much freezing rain/wintry mix we start off with will dictate how much in the way of snow we end up with.

Upwards of .1" of ice is also possible by the time it is all said and done tomorrow.

The good news for those of you that are looking forward to spring... there are only 37 days left!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Wintry Weather Returns Monday Night

Winter Storm Watches and Winter Weather Advisories have been issued ahead of yet another winter storm that is set to impact the Midwest and Great Lakes at the start of the work week.

Following a few light snow showers Sunday afternoon, most of Sunday night is expected to remain dry.  There may be some patchy freezing drizzle during the evening, and then again early Monday morning as a little more warm air and moisture move northward ahead of the approaching storm system.

Light freezing rain and drizzle will be possible across northern Illinois after Noon Monday, before mixing in with snow Monday evening and overnight.  The majority of the Stateline should experience snow Monday night into Tuesday, but areas along I-88 may hold on to a higher potential for a wintry mix a little longer as warmer air tries to lift north.

This isn't going to be a major snow event but it'll likely have impacts to both the Monday evening and Tuesday morning commute.  Snow to liquid ratios, or how much moisture the snow has, will be low with this storm system.  An average snow to
liquid ratio is 10:1 - ten inches of snow is the equivalent of one inch of water.  The higher the snow to liquid ratio the drier the snow is.  The lower the snow to liquid ratio the more heavy and wet the snow is.  This snow looks to have a snow to liquid ratio around 8:1 to 6:1.  This also means that it will be harder to shovel Tuesday morning.

As for snow totals, area wide we should see anywhere from three to six inches, with locations near the Wisconsin/Illinois border and far northwest Illinois closer to the higher end.   Snow showers will continue into Tuesday as low pressure passes just to the south.  Northwest winds will increase Tuesday, gusting close to 40 mph during the afternoon.  Most of the snow should be coming to an end by Tuesday evening.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Freezing Rain Impacts

Good evening Stateline! We have a few reports from across the viewing area regarding the freezing rain. Our top report comes from Freeport of .4" of freezing rain. A few other spots across the region saw between .2" and .3". And here at the Rockford International Airport, we saw .16".

With all the ice we have gotten over the past few days, It does bring a few impacts to the area. Not only to the roads, but to your homes as well. If you have ice accumulations of a quarter of an inch of less, light ice will begin to accumulate on trees & roadways will start to become slick.

Then between .25 and .50", tree limbs will begin to sag and even break. If one of these tree limbs is over a power line, it can cause a minor power outage in your area. Please have a kit and a heat source ready just in case you lose power.

Now we are starting off the night under a winter weather advisory. This is mainly for the hazardous road conditions and for the blustery conditions we will see tonight into tomorrow morning. This advisory includes all of our northern Illinois counties and will be in effect until 10 AM tomorrow morning.

Here is a look at your first warn rundown. It will be a blustery and cold night tonight. Winds will gust up to 40 mph throughout the night with wind chills Friday morning ranging between -10° to -20°. So not only bundle up tomorrow morning, but give yourself extra time when out on the roads. The roads tomorrow morning for the morning commute will be a bit slick. The winds will stick around for the most part tomorrow, but we will see some sunshine as high pressure moves in. We are looking at a high of 10° tomorrow. So it will be cold, but it will be nice to see some sunshine after all the freezing rain we saw this week!  

Slippery Stateline

Many surfaces across the Stateline are slippery, so take it slow as you head out the door.
Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and some roadways are icy.

Another round of rain/snow mix will continue to move though during the afternoon hours.

You can see as of the 11am radar update that much of the Stateline is seeing either snow, rain and or a mixture of both.