Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Late Week System Brings Rain, Possibly Snow, for the First Weekend of 2020

The end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 will be quiet, but cold. Skies are beginning to clear from north to south Tuesday evening, eventually leaving us with a mostly clear sky to kick off the New Year. Temperatures will fall into the upper teens and low 20s.

Wednesday and much of Thursday will be dry and warmer. Southwest winds will increase during the afternoon Wednesday, gusting at times to 25 mph. This will bring temperatures up into
the upper 30s for the afternoon, and then into the 40s for Thursday. Cloud cover will increase during the day Thursday with a little drizzle during the afternoon. Rain showers become likely Thursday night into Friday afternoon as low pressure lifts up from the southwest. Depending on the overall track of the low, snow could be possible Friday night into Saturday. And depending on which model you look at, perhaps a decent amount. However, inconsistency is about the only thing forecast models have in common during that time period.

The track of the low will all depend on how low pressure develops within the jet stream. A more defined low will mean a stronger storm system and possibly a better chance for snow. A less defined low will mean a quicker moving storm system and less of a chance for snow. Either way, it is a time period to keep an eye on. Another quick moving low will zip across the Upper Midwest Sunday with possibly an even larger storm system heading into early next week.

Staying Chilly for New Year's Eve

It was a bit of busy and snowy start to the final day of 2019. For all of those snow lovers out there, a total of 1.7" fell at the Rockford International Airport and that's from this morning alone. Before last night's snow event, the other 29 days of December only recorded 1.1" of snow. For the many that had to be out on the roads this morning, roads were pretty slick and snow-covered to start. However, roadways are slowly improving as the morning continues. Just be on the lookout for any slick spots, and snow-covered roads (mostly on back roads). There also could be a little bit of ice underneath all the snow due to the very cold temperatures we experienced early on. Please be sure to take it slow and to drive with caution. We are still on the backside of the strong low pressure system (994 mb) that is currently sitting over the Great Lakes. Cloud cover continues to swing around the lows center and blanket the Stateline this morning. With that said, the cloud cover isn't going to stick around for long.

These morning clouds will give way to partly sunny skies by the afternoon. Temperatures remain chilly as the last day of 2019 will close out with a high in the low 30s. With these breezy northwesterly winds, the wind chills are going to stay in the teens. Luckily, nothing will slow you down as you make your out to the festivities. The brisk daytime weather sets us up for a chilly New Year's Eve. As skies clear up and wind lighten up, temperatures will fall into the upper teens-low 20's by the time we welcome in the new year. Wind chills will make it feel like temperatures are in the single digits. It would definitely be a great idea to bundle up before you head out and celebrate. New Year's Day makes up for the brisk first hours of the new year. We'll see lots of sunshine and milder weather with temperatures near 40 degrees by the afternoon. Later in the week, temperatures heat up into the 40's, providing a chance for rain showers by Friday. Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Slick Roads Developing Monday Evening

Temperatures falling below freezing Monday evening have allowed some of the snow to begin to accumulate on the roads across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation's website, parts of Jo Daviess and Ogle counties are reported as mostly snow/ice covered, with snow beginning to accumulate on area roads across much of north-central and northwest Illinois.

Roads will be slick, especially untreated and lesser traveled roads. Snow to the north over Wisconsin will move south lasting through roughly 4am/5am Tuesday morning. For current road conditions through the night and into Tuesday morning, click here

Blowing Snow Monday Evening, Accumulating Snow by Tuesday Morning

After nearly a week of unseasonably warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, the wind, cold and snow was definitely a shock Monday morning. Temperatures fell quickly Sunday night following a strong cold front, down into the low 30s Monday morning. The drop in temperatures was accompanied by a few bursts of snowfall through mid-morning Monday. West/Southwest winds were quick to increase, at times gusting to 40 mph, during the afternoon and evening and will remain gusty through the overnight.

Scattered snow showers will continue through the evening with blowing snow and reduced visibility the biggest concern. After Midnight, snow will become more widespread as low pressure moves in from the north. This will cause a steady snow to fall between 12am and 5am Tuesday morning. Accumulations are expected to remain light and under two inches for most, but with temperatures below freezing the snow will stick to the roads and untreated surfaces. A few slick spots will be likely through early Tuesday morning. The incoming snow will likely be the highest snowfall we've had during the month of December when, on average, December tends to be our snowiest month. So far, less than an inch has come down.

Any accumulating snow will taper off to snow flurries after sunrise Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies through early afternoon. High pressure then help erode away cloud cover by Tuesday evening, leaving a mostly clear sky Tuesday night. 

Cold & Windy Ahead of Overnight Snow Chances

A potent, vertically stacked low-pressure system has continued to move across the Midwest. This system resulted in the rain we saw over the weekend. Now that we are on the backside of this deep storm system, the threat now changes to snow and the winds. Thanks to a cold front, temperatures started out 20° to 25° cooler compared to 24 hours ago. This allowed road temperatures to cool down overnight, so any snow that fell this morning could have made for a few slick spots. Along with snow sliding in, we will also saw some very gusty winds. As this system continues to transfer it's energy to a developing and strengthening low over the Great Lakes, the pressure gradient at the surface will continue to tighten up. Wind gusts throughout the day will peak around 35 MPH at times. This will result in blowing snow and very cold wind chills. These gusty wind gusts will last into tonight and into Tuesday morning, so this will help in dropping visibility and making any slick roadways more hazardous.

We will get a little bit of a break from the snow showers early on this afternoon. However, snow chances begin to increase once again starting this evening. The best chance for accumulating snow arrives overnight tonight into early Tuesday morning. Accumulations should end up around 1"-2" for areas across the Stateline. Temperatures will also be cold with lows dropping down in the 20's. This means another opportunity arrives for snow-covered roads and slick conditions for Tuesday's morning commute. So, it is essential to leave a bit earlier or plan ahead. The weather dries up and settles down in time for New Year's Eve celebrations Tuesday night.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

More Rain Sunday Night, Snow Moves in Monday

 10:10pm Update: Rain has become more widespread Sunday evening with pockets of moderate rain falling along the I-39 corridor.  Colder air moving in from the west has caused temperatures to fall into the 30s and 40s across NW IL.  The colder air will cause some of the rain showers to mix with, or transition over, to light snow after Midnight, but no accumulations are expected Monday morning. 

Original Post: 
The last couple of days of 2019 will not only be rainy, but also cold and snowy as a large storm system moves across the Midwest and Great Lakes. After a brief break from some of the rain Sunday afternoon, showers have redeveloped to the south and continue to lift north into northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Rain will become more heavy and widespread through Midnight before shifting east Monday morning. Additional rainfall amounts could add up to another half an inch across parts of northern Illinois.

The first of two cold front will move through the Stateline, with the first arriving during the overnight. This will help pull temperatures down into the 30s Monday morning. Light rain will mix with, and possibly even transition over to, light snow during the morning but very minimal accumulations are expected. A second cold front arrives Monday evening and this will bring a better chance for snow area wide through Tuesday morning. Minor accumulations are likely, along with the possibility for blowing and drifting snow as winds will gust to 30-35 mph through the evening. Snow accumulations will range from around half an inch to two inches (southern Wisconsin) by Tuesday morning.

Impacts to roads are expected to be minor Monday morning, but roads will likely become slick Monday night and Tuesday morning with temperatures below freezing. A few flurries, light snow showers, are possible through Tuesday afternoon but Tuesday night is expected to remain dry. There may be some residual slick spots as temperatures remain below freezing through Wednesday morning.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Another Record High Thursday

Another record high fell in Rockford Thursday afternoon as the temperatures soared back into the mid and upper 50s, officially reaching 56 degrees. This broke the previous record of 54 degrees which was set back in 1905. Not only did we break another record high, but Thursday's high of 56 degrees was the fifth straight day where the high temperature has reached 50 degrees, or above, which has never happened during the second half of December!

It doesn't feel quite as warm, however, this evening as a cold front has passed bringing temperatures down into the 30s. At one point Thursday afternoon the temperature was 50 degrees in Rockford and only 36 degrees in Freeport. Skies will remain cloudy through the night with highs Friday afternoon warming into the upper 30s and low 40s. 

The 50s will return for both Saturday and Sunday but will come with a bit of rain, especially Saturday evening and night. As it looks now, most of Sunday will be dry before a cold front moves through Sunday evening. This will bring a chance for rain, and even light snow showers, Sunday night and Monday of next week.

Unseasonably Warm Thursday, Cooler Friday

Before we jump into the forecast, I just want to ask a simple question. What month is it again? Highs for the 4th straight day in a row topped over the 50° mark. And if you haven't heard, a record did fall on Christmas Day. Yesterday now ranks as the warmest Christmas on record for the Rockford area as highs ended up just short of 60°. 59° was the official high yesterday which topples the old record of 58° that was set back in 1982. The same can be expected for today. Both the unseasonably warm temperatures, and a record being broken. Temperatures this morning were already 30° above average for Rockford. That should give you a good idea on how the rest of the day is going to shape up. Thursday's forecast features a mix of clouds and sunshine with highs climbing once again to nearly 30° above average. The record for today, which is 52° set back in 1910, will be shattered later on as highs climb back into the upper 50s.

It may feel little bit breezy throughout the day as winds ramp up ahead of an approaching cold front. Gusty southwesterly winds could gust as high as 20 to 25 mph at times. Back to this upcoming cold front. It's a slow mover, but it is currently sitting to the west of the region. This boundary is set to push through the Stateline late this evening.  Ahead of it, warmer temperatures and higher dew points are getting pulled into the Stateline area. If you are enjoying the great outdoors and think it feels damp, you aren't imagining things. Dew points are in the lower to middle 40s, which is pretty impressive for late-December. The cold front will knock down our low temperatures for tonight into the upper 20s, and our highs for Friday back into the lower 40s. A much cooler end to the work week, but temperatures will still end up 10 degrees above average. An area of high pressure moves in behind the cold front for tomorrow which will bring a dry end to the work week. Rain holds off, but a system which is currently just coming ashore in California ushers in a bit more cloud cover by late Friday.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Record Warm Christmas - More Record Warmth Thursday

It's official! Rockford broke the record high for December 25th (Christmas), with a high temperature of 59 degrees. The previous record was 58 degrees set back in 1982. Temperatures will remain mild Wednesday night and this will help give us a warm starting point for Thursday. Highs on Thursday are expected to warm back into the 50s, with a forecast high currently of 56 degrees. If the forecast holds, it would break the record high for that day of 52 degrees set back in 1910.

Cloud cover will likely be a little more thick than what it was Wednesday, but southerly winds will keep the mild air mass in place. This is until a cold front moves in from the west during the afternoon, bringing temperatures down into the 40s, 30s and eventually 20s by Thursday night. 

Not only is the record high for Thursday in jeopardy again, but Thursday would be the 5th straight day where highs reached 50 degrees or above. This would be the longest 50 degree stretch, this late in December, ever! That's quite impressive! Temperatures will dip a little for Friday, but then briefly warm back into the 50s for the start of the weekend. A stronger cold front arrives during the afternoon Sunday and this could bring the potential for snow Sunday evening and Sunday night.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Unseasonably Warm Stretch Continues into the Christmas Holiday

If you missed out on enjoying the gorgeous weather we saw over the weekend, more is on the way. Temperatures to start out this morning were in the low 30s, which is typically around our average highs for late December. To compare even further, our morning lows on average at this time are in the teens. That should give you a general idea on how the rest of the day will go. There may be some high clouds that float over the region, but highs today will climb into the low 50s under plenty of sunshine. If travel plans are a part of your Monday schedule, it looks like very little is going to slow you down. Today is another one of those days where you need to take advantage of the nice weather at hand. Either head on outdoors, or open the windows and let all that fresh "spring-like" air into your home.

A cold front that is sitting to our northwest is set to pass through the area late this evening into tonight. This frontal boundary will be moisture starved, but is set to switch our surface flow to the northeast. This will help a little bit of moisture filter in off of Lake Michigan and allow for some patchy dense fog to form overnight into Christmas Eve morning. If you have to be out and about for work, or traveling for the holidays, this may slow you down a little bit on our way out. Please be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes during your early-day routine. The fog should let up by the mid to late morning hours.

The forecast for Christmas Eve features a nearly identical forecast to today's, but a few more clouds are going to be likely. Temperatures are going to remain 20° above average for Christmas Eve, and for Christmas Day. That's right, Santa may need to shed his jolly red suit for something a little less warm. Highs into Christmas Day could approach the low to mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. Not the warmest Christmas on record for the Forest City, but pretty close to it. Despite the cloud cover, dry conditions remain in place as the active jet stream stays well to the north of the Stateline. For those that want a white Christmas, it looks like we will have to wait till next year. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Areas of Fog Likely Friday Morning

Increasing moisture in the atmosphere Thursday evening will lead to patchy fog across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin Friday morning. Visibility southeast of Rockford has already fallen to around 5-6 miles in a few locations.

Southerly winds will hold temperatures overnight in the low 20s, with the dew point temperature not too far behind. The lack of snow cover locally will keep dense fog at bay, but visibility down around 3 miles will be possible early in the morning. Any fog that does develop will evaporate, leaving us with a mostly cloudy sky for the afternoon. Highs Friday will warm into the low 40s.

Quiet Weather Continues, Warm Up Begins Today

Longer days are ahead. That's right. The winter solstice happens this Saturday at 10:19 PM CST. Saturday night is going to be the longest night of the year, and Sunday is the day with the shortest amount of daylight. After Sunday, the days will be slowly getting longer and longer. I and I'm sure a lot of you are looking forward to longer days. But with winter two days away, it's not going to feel like winter heading into Christmas. After highs have been stuck in the 20s for the first half of the week, a warm up is ahead. That warm up begins today.

Temperatures this morning with mostly clear skies overhead dropped into the teens. Wind chills were slightly improved from yesterday, only dropping into the single digits. Two systems are to thank for the warmer temperatures that lie ahead. An area of high pressure to the southeast, and a warm front that has lifted north of the Stateline. This has brought the return of southerly winds to the region. Winds this morning were a little gusty, which is why the threat for fog significantly decreased. However, winds should subside a bit by later this afternoon, meaning wind chills become less of a factor by sunset. Remember, temperatures yesterday struggled to climb into the low 20s. A southerly wind in place ushers in much warmer air not only at the surface, but aloft as well. That should help our high temps climb into the mid to upper 30s under a partly sunny sky.

Clouds do pull into the Stateline this evening into Friday morning, turning our skies mostly cloudy. Temperatures by early Friday morning only drop into the low 20s, which for mid to late December is considered a bit mild. There is another and much better chance that we could wake up to some fog tomorrow morning. It could be dense in spots, so be sure to plan on giving yourself a few extra minutes during your morning routine. Foggy conditions may longer into the mid to late morning hours.

Southerly to southwesterly flow sticks around for the end of the work week. The only difference between today's forecast and tomorrow's forecast is we have a better chance for clouds to stick around during the day. Highs, depending on how much cloud cover we see, should just make it to the 40 degree mark. By this upcoming weekend, the December Thaw as we call it will be fully underway. Highs will once again climb into the low 40s for Saturday, with an even warmer day on tap for Sunday as highs approach 50°. That not all. This warm stretch will most likely continue into Christmas week as an upper-level ridge is forecast to be nearly on top of us by Monday morning. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Snowpack Melts Away with Warming Temperatures

Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin have been split between winter storm systems to the north and to the south the past couple of weeks, leaving us with very little snowfall locally. Roughly 1-3 inches of snow is currently on the ground from Missouri to central Illinois, while close to a foot of snow remains over the Upper Great Lakes. A changing pattern in the jet stream will allow a warmer air mass to be pulled north late in the week, weekend and early next week pushing temperatures into the upper 40s, possibly close to 50 degrees.

The warming temperatures, however, may create a little more fog and cloud cover across the Stateline in the days to come. As the warm air moves over the snowpack to the south, the snow will melt adding moisture into the atmosphere. This added moisture will lead to the potential for the development of fog during the overnight as temperatures cool closer to the dew point temperature. If any fog develops it likely wouldn't last long as there will be quite a bit of dry air in the atmosphere located a few thousand feet above the surface. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Conditions Remain Tranquil, Colder Air Arrives for Wednesday

Tuesday is off to a mostly cloudy start for some, especially if you live to the west of Rockford. A deck of clouds roamed into the Stateline from the north turning our skies mostly cloudy earlier this morning. It was also a very cold start to the day as temperatures dropped down into the mid to upper teens. The chill was real though as wind chills for most were in the single digits. Eventually, clouds give way to some sunshine this afternoon with highs climbing into the low 30s. This sits right around where we should be for this time of year as the average high for mid-December is around 32°. Regardless of today's high, a much cooler day is ahead for Wednesday.

A cold front is currently positioned across the far northern Upper Midwest. The cold front is poised to move through the Stateline this evening, bringing a return to gusty northwesterly winds and cooler temperatures for midweek. This cold front is going to be moisture starved as it progresses through the Stateline. But a passing flurry cannot be ruled out. Winds at the surface post frontal passage will switch to the northwest and allow the cold air to filter into the region. The coldest of the air according to model guidance stays to our northeast. However, very cold wind chills will make it feel like temperatures are below zero for a good portion of our morning. Highs tomorrow only make it into the low 20s, nearly 10° below average. The dry weather will continue into Wednesday as an area of high pressure settles in. The second half of the week brings a return to warmer-than-average temperatures. If you're not a fan of this winter-like chill, highs will climb into the mid to upper 30s on Thursday, and low 40s over the weekend.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Slippery Start Leads to a Quiet Afternoon

If you were one of those early-risers or 3rd shifters, you may have been welcomed a little bit of snow. Light snow moved in overnight last night bringing very light accumulations to the area. Most of us ended up with an inch or less as we were on the northern fringe of round 1 with this snowstorm. If you or some of your family live in central or southern Illinois, you were welcomed to much more heftier snowfall totals. Roads were a bit slick this morning, and some (mostly back roads) were snow covered. That is because roads were just cold enough for snow to stick. But now that snow plows have had time to clear the roads up, road conditions have significantly improved as the morning progressed. Just be mindful about any slick spots that remain.

The rest of our Monday is going to stay on the quiet side. Clouds do stick around for most of our day, but the possibility of a few peeks of sun later on are not out of the question. Temperatures look to stay seasonably cool as a light northerly breeze settles in, holding our highs in the low 30s. Regarding round 2, the pesky low that is causing all of this messy weather across a good chunk of the low 48 is going to track south of the region. Because of that, the next batch of snow will be restricted to central and southern Illinois once again. For us, we could see a few more clouds build in this evening. But once this low tracks into the Tennessee Valley, any snow chances and cloud cover will begin to decrease. Skies overnight will clear out allowing temperatures to "bottom out" as we say, or rapidly drop into the teens making for a very cold night. Lows by daybreak should wind up in the upper teens. BRRRRR.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Light Snow Expected Sunday Night, Heaviest Remains South

Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for central and southern Illinois, and stretch back west through Missouri. Bands of moderate to heavy snow continue to come down south of the immediate Stateline. The northern extent of the snow is moving into an environment that is a little more dry, so it will take a little while before we begin to see some of the snow fly.

The majority of the accumulating snow will
remain downstate, where several inches of snow will fall through early Monday morning. Closer to home, totals less than an inch are more likely. High pressure to the north will block most of the snow from reaching this far north Sunday evening. We'll start to see some of the light snow move into northern Illinois between 7pm and 10pm, and continue into early Monday morning. Totals around an inch are possible for areas along and south of I-88, with lesser amounts further north. Where the snow does come down roads may be a little slick. 

Skies will remain mostly cloudy on Monday with temperatures warming into the low 30s. Another system will pass to the south Monday evening, with a much drier pattern expected - and a warmer one, too - through the end of the week and weekend.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Active Pattern Heading Into the Weekend, Potential for Bigger System Early Next Week

Strong southerly winds Thursday afternoon help warmed temperatures 10-15 degrees above Wednesday's high, warming into the upper 30s and low 40s. A couple systems will move through the jet stream this weekend, but depending on where exactly the jet stream sets up will determine whether or not we are impacted.

The first of those systems will pass Thursday night with a cold front moving into northern Illinois. The front will weaken as it shifts south, meaning limited precipitation chances and temperatures won't fall too far Friday morning. In fact, we'll still hold on to the southerly wind Friday with temperatures on either side of 40 degrees during the afternoon. A second system moves in from the west late Friday evening and this could bring some drizzle, flurries and even freezing drizzle overnight Friday, followed by a little light snow Saturday morning. Accumulations are not expected to be much with this system, but a few slicks spots early Saturday can't be ruled out.

Sunday will be dry, but cold. High pressure builds in for the afternoon with highs in the mid 20s. The potential exists for an even stronger low pressure system to then develop Monday afternoon, impacting northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. This low *could* have some accumulating snowfall, the most since Veteran's Day, but the track of the low will be key. Two of our more reliable forecast models that go beyond the weekend have two completely different scenarios. 

First scenario would take low pressure east of the Rockies, shifting it across the Gulf states Sunday into Monday. This would mean much of the Stateline would avoid snow, or any precipitation, early next week. The second scenario would bring low pressure from the Plain to near St. Louis and Indianapolis Monday night. This would place northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin in the more favored area for accumulating snow. It's still yet to be seen what exactly will happen early next week, but the track of this next low is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Temperatures Rebound After Arctic Blast

Old man winter has made himself pretty comfortable the past few days. High temperatures at the Rockford International Airport have only climbed to 22° on Monday, 25° yesterday. We did have a cool start to the morning as temperatures dropped into the teens with wind chills for a few in the single digits. If you are looking for a break from this bitterly cold stretch, look no further. Our next system that arrives today will not only bring warmer temperatures to the area, but also gusty winds.

Warm southerly to southwesterly air will be funneled in from gusty winds this afternoon. As the low of importance tracks closer to the Stateline, the pressure at the system will tighten up. This will cause winds to gust up to 30, even 35 mph at times which will push highs into the low 40s. Cloud cover will be a small hindrance to this afternoon's warming. However, the biggest focus will remain the chance for some afternoon showers. This system seems to weaken a bit along with its "warm" front, so any afternoon/evening precipitation should remain light. Any chance for showers ends by the early evening. A cold front should slide in late tonight and weaken for Friday.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bitterly Cold Follows Yesterday's Cold Front

The long-awaited arctic air has finally spilled into the Stateline this morning. And it's all thanks to yesterday's strong cold front. Temperatures quickly fell into the 20s by yesterday evening, then into the teens & single-digits by the time we were waking up this morning. It felt much colder out there as wind chills ranged between 0° and -10°. If you have to be out and about this morning, dress accordingly. It is essential that you bundle up in MULTIPLE layers, and to cover as much skin as possible. Any exposed skin is susceptible to frostbite within 20-30 minutes of continued exposure to this cold air. Places off towards the northwest, including the Dakotas & Minnesota, started out with wind chills in the -10s and -20s. Frostbite in those weather conditions can occur within 10 minutes. 

In fact, temperatures this morning were 30°-35° colder than how they were 24 hours ago. A drop that we haven't seen in quite some time. That's some really cold air. We did start off the morning with some cloud cover, and a few flurries as well. The rest of today features plenty of sunshine, so there is a plus to today's forecast. Despite the sunny skies, highs today for most will struggle to make it out of teens. Temperatures overall will land in the low 20s. If you are keeping track, that's a good 10° to 15° below average for this far in the year.

Wind chills are expected to stay under the 10° mark through much of Tuesday. Gusty westerly to northwesterly winds are going to keep filtering in this cold arctic air mass throughout the day resulting in wind chills in the single digits through the afternoon. We could see a few clouds overhead later this afternoon, but skies overall should stay partly to mostly sunny.

Skies will stay partly cloudy as we head into the night tonight, and temperatures will once again drop down into the teens. Now you might need to give yourself a few extra minutes tomorrow morning if your commute takes you to Davenport or Cedar Rapids.

A weak & quick moving disturbance could bring with it a few snow showers during the early morning hours, but should move out by the late morning hours. The most that anyone can see from this system could be an inch. A few models do bring a a flurry or two as far northeast as Carroll, Ogle, and Lee county. But a majority of this event will stay to the southwest of the viewing area. Midweek temperatures look pretty close to Tuesday's high temperatures. A more substantial warm-up is ahead for Thursday into Friday, as the Stateline finds itself on the "warm" side of an approaching cold front for the weekend.

Monday, December 9, 2019

NEW Snow Squall Warning Issued for Jo Daviess County

UPDATE: All Winter Weather Advisories have been canceled.

UPDATE: Winter Weather Advisory now issued for Winnebago, Boone, Ogle, Lee, DeKalb and McHenry counties until 6pm.

A Snow Squall Warning has been issued for far northwest Jo Daviess County until 1:45pm Monday afternoon. An intense band of snow moving through eastern Iowa will moving into NW Illinois, reducing visibility and significantly impacting travel. Blowing snow and quick accumulations up to an inch are possible. Wind gusts to 30 mph are also possible with this band. Hazardous travel conditions are possible with visibility falling below one mile. There have been several accidents already reported in central Iowa due to this band.

UPDATE: Stephenson, Jo Daviess, Carroll and Whiteside counties have now been placed under a Winter Weather Advisory until 5pm.

A Winter Weather Advisory was also issued for Green County from 1pm to 3pm and for Rock and Walworth counties from 3pm to 5pm in southern Wisconsin. This band of snow will quickly move across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin this afternoon, before ending this evening. Minor accumulations are possible, especially where the band of heavy snow comes down. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fog, Drizzle and Light Rain Increase Sunday Night

Skies will remain cloudy Sunday evening as winds continue to pull moisture in from the south. The increasing moisture will also allow our dew point temperatures to rise through Monday morning. This will keep our overnight lows very mild for this time of year with most staying in the upper 30s, possibly even low 40s.

The increase in moisture, however, has lead to the development of some haze and fog Sunday evening. The fog may become a little more thick
through the overnight and could have an impact, for some, on the commute Monday morning. Drizzle and light rain will also be on the increase ahead of a strong cold front that will move through Monday evening. Rainfall totals will remain light, and under a quarter of an inch for most. The light rain will continue through the afternoon before mixing with a few flurries, or even freezing drizzle, as the cold front passes. Temperatures will quickly fall behind the front Monday evening and night, with temperatures starting in the teens Tuesday morning.