Saturday, November 29, 2014

Temperatures Tumble for the Begining of December

If you were out today you know that it was much warmer today, then in the past few days. Temperatures this afternoon reached 47° in Rockford, and Savanna was able to hit 50° before the clouds moved in. Unfortunately, the warmth won't last with our next cold front on the way, and temperatures will tumble Sunday afternoon into Monday. Sunday morning will see a mild start with temperatures in the mid 30s, but with the passage of a cold front Sunday morning, temperatures will fall into the mid 20s by the early evening with overnight lows in the teens. Monday marks the first day of December as well as the start of meteorological winter, and it will surely feel like it. Temperatures on Monday will struggle to hit 20° by the afternoon despite plenty of sun. Winds will increase behind the front as well, with gusty north winds for Monday afternoon. However, on the bright side, temperatures will rebound back into the 30s by the middle of the week, and then we will be back to average and above by next weekend.
If the current pattern holds, it looks like the first couple weeks of December will be fairly mild.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pattern change for the beginning of December

You don't need a meteorologist to tell you that the month of November has been cold, very cold.  As of the 28th, monthly temperatures are nearly eight degrees below average!  But if you're looking for a little light at the end of the tunnel, we just might have it.  Temperatures over the weekend will near 40 degrees and above, but then quickly drop back just in time for the beginning of December.  And if you're worried we'll be back into the deep freeze for the first of the month, I just might have some good news.  A pattern change within the first week will allow temperatures to be back near normal, which now are in the upper 30's. 

Extremely warm air in Alaska and western Canada helped push the jet stream down across the U.S. during the month of November. While it will be colder the first few days of December, the jet stream pattern will be a little less blocky and more fast moving.  This keeps the jet stream closer to the U.S/Canadian border helping keep the extremely cold air north.  Now, we'll likely get some colder days in the mix but at this point, it doesn't look like we'll see those extreme cold snaps for the first week and a half of the month.  Hopefully this pattern will hold up through the entire month!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Chilly Turkey Day and Snow on the Way

You probably noticed the cold this afternoon if you were out and about for your Thanksgiving festivities, but we didn't break a record. We actually tied for the 4th coldest Thanksgiving, reaching a high of 25° this afternoon in Rockford the same as Thanksgiving back in 1958. We also picked up a trace of snow this afternoon, and we will see a little more before the weekend starts.

Light snow will arrive for nothern parts of the Stateline tomorrow morning. It will arrive from the west and head east starting at about 4am and will linger through about 9-10am. Not much is expected to accumulate, only about a half inch, but it could make for slick roadways with the cold morning temperatures. You might want to leave a little extra time as you head out the door. Temperatures tomorrow afternoon will climb into the low 30s.

Thanksgiving 'Turkey Trivia'

Something for you to ponder as you put that bird in the oven this morning!  Impress your Thanksgiving Day guests with this turkey trivia!

Did you know:

-Turkeys have roamed North America for almost 10 million year

-Ben Franklin - in a letter to his daughter - proposed the turkey as the official national bird

-Wild turkeys were almost wiped out in the early 1900s.  Today there are wild turkeys in every state except for Alaska

-The ballroom dance the 'turkey trot' was named for the short, jerky steps turkeys take

-June is National Turkey Lover's month

-Number of U.S. towns and cities are named after the holiday's traditional main course.  Turkey, Texas is the most populous with about 500 residents.  This is followed by Turkey Creek, LA and Turkey, North Carolina.  There are also nine townships around the country named 'Turkey' - three are in Kansas

-The first meal eaten on the moon in 1969 was roast turkey

-Wild turkeys are the world's largest game bird

-Turkeys are related to pheasants

-The male turkey is called a Tom, the female is a Hen and the baby turkey is called a poult

-A flock of turkeys is called a 'rafter', or in some cases, a 'gang'

-Wild turkeys can fly for short distances up to 55 mph and run 20 mph.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Record Cold Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving for the Stateline is looking quiet this year, but it is shaping up to be one of the coldest on record.

Right now, the forecast is calling for a high of 24° on Thanksgiving. That would make this year's Turkey Day the fourth coldest on record in Rockford. While we could climb as high as number two on this list, it doesn't look like we'll get close to the record of 17° back in 1930. -BA

Holiday travel forecast

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the days leading up to tend to be some of the busiest travel days during the year.

Wednesday's weather is looking very messy up and down the east coast.  Cold air mixing with an off-shore low will create several inches of snow in the northeast and rain along the coast.  I'm sure there will be many airport delays/cancellations out east that could affect airports around the country.  In the Midwest, a fast moving clipper system will slide through Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and central Illinois.  This will bring light, but accumulating, snow to areas like Minneapolis, Des Moines, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, Peoria, and Springfield.  Closer to home, light snow could be possible Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

Thursday is looking a little better for the Midwest, but cold again.  High pressure will settle south while lingering flurries will move east out of Chicago.  Snow is likely for northwest Indiana and Michigan during the day.  The big system in the east on Wednesday will have moved on, but still some accumulating snowfall is likely in the northeast.

By Friday, a warm front will lift through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Snow is likely from parts of the Dakotas into Minnesota and Wisconsin.  And depending on where the front lies by Friday afternoon and evening, snow or even a mix could occur in northern Illinois.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rain to Snow: Continuous Updates

What's the weather like where you are?  Email us at:

For the latest road conditions in Illinois, click here.
For the latest road conditions in Wisconsin, click here.

Scroll down past snow totals for the latest weather updates.


(7:46 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Williams Bay [Walworth Co, WI] public reports SNOW of E4.0 INCH at 06:46 PM CST -- 

(6:59 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: 7 N Janesville [Rock Co, WI] public reports SNOW of M4.0 INCH at 06:56 PM CST -- 

(6:57 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Whitewater [Walworth Co, WI] public reports SNOW of M4.0 INCH at 06:56 PM CST -- 

(6:46 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 1 ESE Nora [Jo Daviess Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M2.9 INCH at 06:46 PM CST -- storm total.
(6:28 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: 3 WNW Bull Valley [Mchenry Co, IL] cocorahs reports SNOW of M2.3 INCH at 06:00 PM CST -- light snow still falling with blowing snow.
(4:05 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: 1 W Williams Bay [Walworth Co, WI] trained spotter reports SNOW of M2.0 INCH at 04:00 PM CST --  

(3:25 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Delavan [Walworth Co, WI] public reports SNOW of E2.0 INCH at 03:20 PM CST -- relayed via social media.
(3:12 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 4 ENE Freeport [Stephenson Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M1.8 INCH at 03:12 PM CST --  

(3:09 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: Capron [Boone Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M1.5 INCH at 02:49 PM CST -- 1.5 inches in last 4 hours - which is also storm total so far. some icing is occurring on power lines 

(2:56 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Milton [Rock Co, WI] nws employee reports SNOW of M3.0 INCH at 02:40 PM CST -- 

(2:42:21 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 4 WSW Loran [Jo Daviess Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M2.5 INCH at 02:40 PM CST -- so far today
(2:34 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: SW Mount Carroll [Carroll Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of E2.8 INCH at 02:34 PM CST -- storm total.
(1:42 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Janesville [Rock Co, WI] public reports SNOW of M2.0 INCH at 01:37 PM CST -- 2.0 inches so far. relayed via social media.
(1:18 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: SSE Shannon [Carroll Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M2.1 INCH at 01:17 PM CST -- so far today

(1:18 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Lake Geneva [Walworth Co, WI] public reports SNOW of E3.0 INCH at 01:09 PM CST -- three inch accumulation on grass. south side of lake geneva. relayed via social media.

(1:13 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS MKX: Monroe [Green Co, WI] 911 call center reports SNOW of E1.0 INCH at 01:02 PM CST -- received a half-dozen vehicle accidents.

(12:53 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: Marengo [Mchenry Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M1.5 INCH at 12:30 PM CST --

(12:03 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: Rockford [Winnebago Co, IL] official nws obs reports SNOW of M1.1 INCH at 12:00 PM CST --

(10:18 AM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: Erie [Whiteside Co, IL] trained spotter reports SNOW of M2.1 INCH at 10:13 AM CST -- snow is winding down

(9:16 AM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: Chadwick [Carroll Co, IL] cocorahs reports SNOW of M1.0 INCH at 08:45 AM CST -- snow began at about 740

 10:45pm Update: We have one more round of snow showers expected for tonight, meaning continued driving hazards. Stay safe if you have to go out!

7:00pm Update: IDOT is reporting deteriorating road conditions on US 20 west of Freeport. Roads are snow/ice covered in many spots.

6:00pm Update: Our Winter Weather Advisory has been lifted for most of northern Illinois, but hazardous road conditions are still likely this evening. Be careful on the roads!

3:30pm Update: Winter Weather Advisory is now in effect until 6:00pm for Winnebago, Boone, McHenry, Ogle, Lee, and DeKalb counties. Advisory remains in effect until midnight for Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Carroll, Whiteside, and southern Wisconsin.

2:25pm Update: Areas in southern Wisconsin in northeast Illinois are still dealing with areas of snow. Snow showers should continue to move out of the Stateline as we head into the evening. Low visibilities due to blowing snow and slick roads will continue to be problem this evening as our Winter Weather Advisory continues until midnight.

12:52pm Update: North/south roads will be the most impacted with the west wind.  Visibility remains lowered in areas of snow.

11:45am Update: Heaviest band of snow has moved northeast into Wisconsin, however, moderate snow will continue through early afternoon - likely through 1pm.  Even though the heaviest snowfall will taper off, west winds gusting to 35 mph will continue to blow around any of the freshly fallen snow impacting north/south roads into the evening and overnight.  Roads are slick so use caution and remember your winter driving skills this afternoon.

10:10am Update: Heaviest of the snow is now falling from Janesville down through Beloit to Freeport, Rockford, Cherry Valley, Belvidere and DeKalb.  Visibility has dropped to less than a half mile within the heavier snow bands.  Moderate to heavy to snow will continue to lift into southern Wisconsin through Noon, before tapering off to lighter snowfall after 1pm/2pm.

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in place through midnight.

Sleet here at WTVO will change over to snow very soon.

8:25am Update:  Where the snow is falling, it's falling hard.  Snow now reported in Warren, Pearl City, Shannon, Dixon and areas to the west.  Sleet just reported in Rochelle and Freeport will switch over to snow very soon.

7:28am Update: The transition to snow has already begun in western Jo Daviess, Carroll and Whiteside counties.  More moderate snow falling from Mt. Carroll northwest.  This band will lift northeast into southern Jo Daviess County

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin until midnight. 

The transition to snow is already beginning to take place in western Illinois and will continue to do so through 8am.  Rain showers are currently lifting north through I-39, and these will switch over to snow after 8:30am.  As the snow initially comes down, it will be moderate, heavy and wet with temperatures falling to 32°.  The snow will first melt on contact with the ground, but then begin to accumulate.  As it accumulates, roads will become slick and the visibility will drop with winds gusting close to 40 mph from the west.  We're not looking for a lot of snow, roughly 1" to 3", but it will blow around into the evening as the winds remain gusty. 

As the temperatures falls below freezing this evening and tonight, roads could become slick, especially on back and untreated roads.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monday Winter Weather Advisory

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the entire Stateline area. The advisory going into effect for Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Carroll, and Whiteside counties at 6am on Monday morning. The advisory will go into effect for Green, Rock, and Walworth counties at 9am, and Winnebago, Boone, Ogle, Lee, and DeKalb counties at noon. The advisory for all counties goes until midnight on Monday.

A strong cold front will pass Monday morning allowing a surge of cold air into the Stateline. The rain overnight will change to snow in the morning from west to east through the early afternoon. Hazards with this system will be snow and blowing snow, with winds gusting from the west up to 35mph. Snow fall totals will reach  3-5" in the afternoon and evening. The blowing snow will greatly reduce visibilites at times and make roads slick, so use caution while out. High temperatures on Monday will be near 40° early, but once the cold front passes, temperatures will drop into the upper 20s by the afternoon. Strong winds will also allow for wind chills in the upper teens in the afternoon.

Make sure to check back, as we will continue to update about this system.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mild Rainy Sunday Followed by More Cold

Temperatures overnight Saturday into Sunday won't drop much. Warm front has passed and is allowing for strong winds from the south that is bringing up warmer air into the Stateline. Temperatures tonight will stay in the upper 40s with mostly cloudy skies and patchy fog. Light scattered showers will move in late in the evening with more moderate rain on the way later in the day on Sunday.

Ahead of our next strong low pressure system, moderate rain will move into the Stateline Sunday morning and continue through the afternoon and evening. Futurecast rainfall totals near an inch, with locally higher amounts possible through Monday. Temperatures will continue to be mild through Sunday, with the cloud cover in place temperatures will top out in the low 50s.

Enjoy the mild temperatures Sunday because temperatures will take a big hit Monday and the rest of the week. A strong cold front will pass to the north early Monday allowing the rain to change to snow. We hold onto the clouds on Monday as well but not the warmth. Temperartures will fall into the mid 30s on Monday and we will only make it into the 20s by Tuesday.

Friday, November 21, 2014

UPDATE: Icy Weather Likely Friday Night

Evening Update: A Freezing Rain Advisory is still in effect for Friday evening and Saturday morning. Icy weather will be most likely starting around 9:00pm Friday night and ending after 5:00am Saturday.

The National Weather Service and some of the latest models are suggesting up to 0.1" of ice accumulation will be possible by morning, which would make for slick and hazardous roads areawide.

As we get later into the morning and temperatures warm above freezing, freezing rain will turn into the chance for showers and fog.

Be aware that even though air temps might get above 32° early Saturday morning, the ground will take longer to warm, so slick roads will still be possible through most of the morning. -BA

Original Post: Temperatures will rise into the 40's this weekend, but to get there it will get a little icy later tonight. 

A Freezing Rain Advisory will begin tonight and last through Saturday morning for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Temperatures have been below freezing for a week and a half and despite the air temperature rising above 32°  Saturday morning, surface and ground temperatures will remain below freezing.  This will cause a thin glaze of ice on the roads, parking lots and sidewalks tomorrow morning.  Worst case scenario would bring us 0.10" to 0.15" ice accumulation.

Greatest timing for freezing rain will come after 11pm and last through 4am before switching to drizzle mid-morning Saturday.  Be prepared for slick roads tonight and use extreme caution if you do have to travel.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blog Extra: November's cold and snow

I hate to say it, but this cold November pattern is very similar to the pattern that set up last winter.  If warm air continues to get pushed into Alaska and western Canada, we can expect the cold to continue to spill into the lower 48.  Even though temperatures will return near average this weekend, they fall right back down for the week of Thanksgiving.

A couple records have already been broken this month when the low fell to 8° just this last Tuesday and only reached 19° during the afternoon.  Today, it's possible another record will fall if the high fails to reach 25°.  For more on that record, see the previous post from Meteorologist Brandon Arnold.

Unfortunately, the record setting month continues for snowfall.  Even though we haven't seen any major snowfalls, there has been a trace of snow (0.01") or more recorded since the 11th of the month.  This puts us at 9 consecutive days of snowfall.  This is the earliest stretch, over a week, of daily snowfall on record!  The previous record had been the period from November 23rd - December 2nd, 1954.  There had never been a stretch of nine consecutive November days with snowfall in Rockford prior to this current stretch!  Impressive!  Thankfully today the threat for flurries is low with high pressure, but we could be back into the snow globe for the week of Thanksgiving.

In regards to the cold, it doesn't look like we'll break any consecutive sub-freezing stretch, but 9 (including today) days of temperatures below freezing is LONG enough for me!  The record for the longest stretch of below freezing days is 13 set in November of 1951.  Temperatures will warm into the 40's by this weekend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Day of Possible Record Cold

Just when you think we're done with the worst of the cold, it makes another appearance. The next round of possible record cold will be Thursday.

The record cold high in Rockford for Thursday currently sits at 25°. The forecast high only puts us at 22°. This is an impressive record that is expected to fall, too, seeing how it was set back in 1895. Regardless of whether we break this record or not, Thursday will extend our streak of sub-freezing days to nine in a row for the Forest City. -BA

Weekend rain could be followed by another cold spell

Enough with the cold already!  High temperatures have been below freezing since last Wednesday, the 12th, and will stay below freezing until Saturday morning.  There does remain a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it may be a brief light.

Showers will move in Saturday and Sunday as low pressure moves out of the central and southern Plains and into Illinois Sunday evening.  Ahead of the low, winds will blow from the south with temperatures beginning to rise as early as Saturday morning.  While we'll have rain for the weekend, the start of the precipitation could be more in the form of ice rather than liquid.  Surface temperatures will rise through the 20's and into the low 30's early Saturday morning while temperatures a couple thousand feet above will already be above freezing.  If precipitation is able to fall before surface temperatures rise above freezing, there is the potential for a little freezing drizzle or even sleet during the early morning hours of Saturday before a transition over to light rain occurs during the afternoon and evening.  Models keep any accumulations very light, and it would be, but it's something to watch for heading into the weekend.  Another cold front passes Monday which could bring us a switch over to rain/snow with temperatures falling back into the 30's for the beginning of next week.

Impressive time lapse of lake effect snow

Tony Honchar
Wow!  That's all I have to say of this time lapse video of intense lake-effect snow Tuesday over Buffalo, NY.  The extreme cold air aloft moving over the still relatively warm lake waters created some very impressive vertical motion throughout the atmosphere!   One of our First Warn Weather Watchers, Tony Honchar, was out in Buffalo yesterday and snapped this photo. Simply amazing!

Here are some snow totals as of Tuesday evening from the Buffalo National Weather Service:

Erie County:
1 SE Lancaster: 60"
Gardenville: 60"
West Seneca: 57"
2 S Cheektowaga: 51"
Elma: 51"
2 SW Alden: 48"
Orchard Park: 48"
1 E Lancaster: 47"
3 WSW Elma: 46"
Depew: 42"
Lancaster: 42"
1 N Hamburg: 37"
East Aurora: 36"
Alden: 34"
West Falls: 29"
3 SW Blasdell: 27"
Sloan: 16"
Derby: 14"
Clarence: 6"
Kenmore: 3"
3 N Cheektowaga: 2"

Genesee County:
Corfu: 40"
Darien: 36"
Pavilion: 13.5"

Jefferson County:
Philadelphia: 15"
3 S Theresa: 14"


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Multiple Cold Records Fall in Rockford

Rockford has set a new record low and record cold high for Tuesday. An official low of 8° at the Rockford International Airport beat our old record low of 11° set back in 1989. An afternoon high of 19° beat the old record cold high on Tuesday by nearly ten degrees. We only hit 28° for a high back in 1951.

Officially, the temperature at the Chicago Rockford International Airport fell to 8° Tuesday morning, breaking the previous record low of 11° set back in 1989.  Temperatures are only in the mid and upper teens as off 11am, so I anticipate the record cold high temperature to be broken as well today.  That was 28° set back in 1951.  Check back later this evening for the official word on Tuesday's chill!

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, even though it may be brief.  Low pressure tracking in from the south Friday night and Saturday will pull in a little more mild air and break the cold pattern we've been stuck in for the past week and a half.  With it will come precipitation mainly in the form of rain Saturday and Sunday.  However, there will be a brief period of freezing rain and/or sleet Friday night with temperatures a few thousand feet above warming above freezing, but temperatures at the surface remaining below freezing until Saturday afternoon.  This could cause roads to become slick early Saturday morning.  After the weekend, it looks like we may have to deal with another chill just in time for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Multiple Cold Records Expected to Fall Tuesday

For as cold as it has been in Rockford lately, it's surprising that we haven't broken any records. That should change come Tuesday. Check out the graphic below to see how cold we're supposed to get on Tuesday compared to the daily records for the Forest City. -BA

The Washington Tornado: One Year Later

Monday is a solemn anniversary for many people in Illinois as we remember one of the worst tornado outbreaks in state history that happened just last year.

Severe Storm Reports from November 17th, 2013
While last year's outbreak produced 75 tornadoes across the midwest, 25 of those tornadoes touched down in Illinois, making it the fourth largest outbreak in Illinois since records began in 1950.

Washington Tornado Path - Courtesy: NWS Lincoln
The brunt of that outbreak struck Washington, Illinois in the form of an EF-4 tornado. Winds up to 190mph destroyed huge chunks of the town. The tornado also killed three and injured 125 people.

Google Earth Satellite Imagery of Washington, Illinois
The pictures that surfaced after the storm were unbelievable. Satellite imagery even captured the path of the storm after things calmed down.

The amazing thing about this outbreak is that the death count wasn't higher. Many believe that since this event was talked about days ahead of time, people were prepared and knew what to do once the weather turned dangerous. Hopefully this event will also be a reminder to always be prepared, because severe weather is possible at any time. -BA

For more information on the Washington Tornado, click here.

For more information on the entire Illinois tornado outbreak, click here.

Winter pattern continues

The snowfall Monday won't accumulate to much, a dusting at most.  But it will blow around in the northwest wind which, at times, could drop the visibility in the more moderate snow bands. 

Another system diving south out of Canada will bring light snow once again to the Stateline Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Accumulations won't be much, on the order of an inch, but it could slow you down for the morning commute Wednesday.  It stays cold through the end of the week until the weekend when temperatures rise back into the 30's with a storm system that could bring rain as early as Saturday night.

From one extreme to the other: November proves to be a month of extremes

It's hard to believe that one year ago we were forecasting what would be the largest November tornado outbreak in Illinois.  In total, 70 tornadoes touched down in seven states, 25 of those were in Illinois, with 14 rated an EF 2 or greater.  In all, over 180 were injured and 7 people lost their lives in the record setting outbreak.  For more on the Illinois tornadoes and the set up that lead to the outbreak, click here.

Fast forward one year, and this morning we're forecasting record cold across Illinois and Wisconsin.  A bone-chilling, for November standards, air mass has gripped the heart of the country and this will drop temperatures below zero for many.  Wind chills Monday morning have fallen below zero and will remain below zero throughout the morning and into the afternoon as winds increase from the northwest gusting close to 30 mph.  Sunshine will start us off, but clouds will build back in and this will lead to flurries and even light snow showers this afternoon and evening.  While no accumulation is expected, roads may be a little slick if any of the snow sticks. 

Temperatures tonight, like this morning, will drop into the single digits with wind chills dropping as low -15° in a few select spots.  Unfortunately, wind chills will not make it above zero during the afternoon Tuesday, despite the sunshine returning.  With this cold, not only is the record low in jeopardy, but it looks like we'll break the record cold high for Tuesday.  Tuesday morning the record low is 11° set back in 1989.  We're forecasting an overnight low of 9°.  Tuesday afternoon the record cold high is 28° set back in 1951.  We're forecasting a high Tuesday of only 17°.  Temperatures will remain below average until at least this upcoming weekend when we're back into the 30's.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday's Snowfall Totals

Our first accumulating snowfall for the Stateline arrived on Saturday, creating hazardous driving conditions for the weekend. Overall, the majority saw 1-2" of snow, but locally 3-5" were observed.

Saturday Snowfall Totals:

Beliot: 5.0"
Delavan Lake: 5.0"
Williams Bay: 5.0"
Lake Geneva: 3.1"
Loran: 2.8"
Elizabeth: 2.5"
Freeport: 2.5"
Riddot: 2.5"
Stockton: 2.3"
Janesville: 2.3"
Shannon: 2.2"
Milton: 2.1"
Mount Carroll: 2.0"
Lankak" 1.9"
Roscoe: 1.8"
East Rockford: 1.7"
Nora: 1.5"
Byron: 1.1"
Scales Mound: 1.1
Belvidere: .9"
DeKalb: .8"

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Snow Update

UPDATE: Snow becoming patchy, but still expect snow to fall through midnight tonight, with flurries through morning. Currently, South Beloit has seen 2.3".

UPDATE 8:48PM: Moderate band of snow lifting through Beloit, Janesville, and Lake Geneva, WI. Could produce up to 3" of snow through midnight tonight. Make sure to slow down and use caution while driving.

UPDATE:  ROAD CONDITIONS:  Snow continues to fall across the stateline making travel hazardous in some places. On US 20 from Stockton through Freeport to Rockford road is atleast 75% covered with snow and ice.

I-39 From Rockford to Rochelle there are some slick and slippery parts.

UPDATE 6:00PM: Reduced visibility to the northwest of the Rockford area. Visibility reduced to 2 to 3 miles...use caution when out driving tonight.

UPDATE 5:38PM: Some scattered slippery slick spots being reported on I-88 from Sterling west towards Moline.

Our first accumulating snowfall is here! Light snow is moving in, mainly along and west of I-39. More moderate snow falling north of Freeport and near Lake Summerset.  You can expect about a half inch of snow for the evening, and 1-2" of snow accumlating overnight.

 Roads will be slick in spots, so make sure to use caution while driving. Snow will continue overnight and into tomorrow morning.  I'll continue to update as the snow continues to fall.