Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Rain Ahead with Warmer Temperatures

That rain is still hitting us pretty hard as you can hear it hitting the rooftops, but the heavier rainfall will die down as we move into the afternoon.  A more moderate rainfall is expected for the afternoon, with a lighter rainfall expected for the evening and the overnight.  The rain will move out tomorrow morning around 7am, but it'll stay cloudy for Friday.  Friday is also the last day with temperatures in the 40°s, as we're looking to see temperatures back in the 50°s for the weekend as another low develops in the southwest, pulling warmer air into our area.  However, that low will bring us another round of rain on Sunday, with temperatures continuing to warm up as we head into the work week.  Thunderstorms move in on Wednesday, but temperatures will be in the upper 50°s by then

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hefty rain totals from Wednesday night to Friday

Copious amounts of moisture will be pulled north as low pressure spins out of the central Plains and into the Midwest Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  A steady to moderate rain has been falling through much of the evening, but the showers are beginning to lighten up (for now) in a few locations.

Temperatures in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin have been cool with highs in the low to mid 40's, but to the south temperatures warmed into the 60's and 70's.  That's where severe weather has been ongoing and will continue through the night.  The initial slug of moisture with this first round of rain will continue north into Wisconsin, with additional rain moving in from the thunderstorms to the south.  We are not expected to have severe weather, although a clap of thunder or two can't be ruled out overnight.

Plan for a soggy commute Thursday morning with steady rain through mid-morning.  As drier air is pulled north ahead of the low, the rain should become more widespread and a little more light by Thursday afternoon.  As the low passes to the northeast Thursday night and Friday, additional rain showers will be likely into Friday morning.  The first image on the left is a simulated radar picture around 2am Thursday morning indicating heavier rainfall over northern Illinois.  Rainfall totals will range anywhere from 1-2 inches from Wednesday night through Friday morning.  Definitely the highest amount of rainfall in at least over a month.

A Gray Thursday with a Bright Weekend

We had a foggy start to our Wednesday, but at least the afternoon will be more calm, with temperatures in the upper 40s and cloudy skies.  Winds will start to pick up for the afternoon as that low pressure system continues its approach.  Rain is looking to start tonight, but a few counties out west could see some light rain late this afternoon.  The rain sticks with us through the overnight and for the entire day tomorrow, before clearing out early Friday morning.  Temperatures will also be cooler the next couple of days as a high pressure system up north will continue to channel cooler air into our area, keeping us in the 40s for tomorrow and Friday.  However, we'll see warmer temperatures again this weekend as another low will develop in the southwest on Saturday.  It will push warmer air into our area for the weekend, and early next week.  Temperatures will be in the 50°s this weekend, and the low 60°s on Monday.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cold and rain north - warm and stormy south

Incoming low pressure late Wednesday night and Thursday will bring a surplus of moisture into northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Initially the moisture will have a little dry air to overcome Wednesday afternoon, but by Wednesday evening light rain will likely be falling.

The same low that will bring us a rainy Thursday is also bringing severe weather to parts of Texas Tuesday evening.  Several reports of tornadoes and hail have occurred with severe weather moving into east Texas Tuesday night.

As the low moves northeast tonight and Wednesday, the severe threat will remain to the south.  The low will track through central Illinois (taking a similar track as the previous two storm systems), keeping us on the 'cooler' side.  Winds
will shift around to the southeast on Wednesday, and then to the east on Thursday.  A warm front associated with the low will fall short of northern Illinois, keeping highs in the low to mid 40's during the afternoon.  While south of the front temperatures will climb into the 60's and possibly near 70 degrees over southern Illinois.  Highs Friday remain in the middle to upper 40's, but we should return to the mid 50's by the start of the weekend.

Cooler Work Week and a Warmer Weekend

We'll be in the mid 50°s for our afternoon high today, but temperatures will start cooling down quite a bit as we head into tonight.  A high pressure system up north is helping to move some clouds out of our area, but it'll pull some colder air into our area for the overnight and the next few days.  We'll be in the low 30°s for the overnight tonight, and in the 40°s from Wednesday to Friday.  A warm front moves in early Thursday morning, but it won't warm our temperatures very much.  It'll bring us rain through early Friday morning, which means we have another cloudy and rainy day ahead on Thursday.  The clouds will start to clear a little once the low moves out Friday morning, with high pressure settling in to bring us back our 50° temperatures for this weekend.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Near average end to the month of March

There have been a wide range of temperatures during the month of March.  From high of 80 degrees just this past Friday, to a high of only 26 degrees on the 14th.  Temperatures for the last week of the month will be near or slightly below average heading into the weekend.

The image on the left highlights forecast highs through next Monday, compared to the daily average highs.  It's a little bit of a roller coaster ride, but nothing that isn't normal for this time of year.  There are a few days where temperatures remain in the 40's but by the weekend highs should warm back into the upper 50's, if not near 60 degrees.

Gray and Cloudy With Warmth Ahead

 We had a pretty gray and cloudy weekend, and we're looking to get more of that this week.  We have a slight chance for rain this afternoon when a low pressure system will bring a warm front fairly close to our area.  Even though it won't move into our area, it'll be close enough to allow for some possible rainfall, which is why we have only a slight chance of rain for the afternoon and evening.  The low will move east tonight, but it will pull colder air into our area for the overnight.  We get a break from the rain Tuesday and Wednesday before another low moves in on Thursday.  This low will actually bring the warm front through our area, allowing for rainfall on Thursday and Friday.  We cool down for Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday the warm front will start slowly warming us back up from the upper 30°s that we'll see on Thursday.  It'll warm us up to the low 40°s for Friday, and that warmer air will linger in our area as we move into the weekend.  As the skies clear for Saturday due to high pressure, the sun will heat the lingering warm air and bring our temperatures back into the 50°s for the weekend.