Monday, January 21, 2019

More Snow?

2:00pm Update: A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the entire Stateline beginning Tuesday morning.  A mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain can be expected through Tuesday evening, having an impact on the afternoon and evening commute.

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After the bitter cold today, we are tracking the chance for more snow tomorrow (Tuesday). So if you didn't get enough snow this weekend don't worry! The precipitation tomorrow should start off as snow across the Stateline before transitioning to a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain.
It will finally transition back to snow overnight and into Wednesday. Afterwards, the cold isn't going away... more single digits and negative single digits.

Because of the chance for some measurable snow, a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for Carroll, Stephenson, Jo Daviess and Whiteside Counties.

Across the counties under the advisory, a few inches of accumulation is possible by Sunday morning/afternoon.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Wintry Weather Returns Tuesday

Cloud cover will be on the increase Monday ahead of yet another storm system that'll impact much of the middle of the country through the middle of the week.

The overall track of the low pressure system will determine what kind of precipitation falls across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, but if the current track holds a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain could be possible through Tuesday night.  Warm, moist air will be pulled north into Illinois late Monday night into Tuesday morning.  Low pressure is forecast to move from near the Nebraska/Kansas border, northeast into eastern Iowa/northwest Illinois by Tuesday afternoon.  This type of storm track would allow a little
more opportunity for the warm air to be pulled into the Stateline, bringing temperatures up near the freezing mark late in the afternoon.  However, the freshly fallen snow from Friday night may limit just how warm surface temperatures get.  Warm air - air that is close to 32 degrees - will move in a couple thousand feet above the surface.  If we remain close to freezing, or a little below at the surface, the probability for more freezing rain or sleet would increase.

However, if the storm track shifts a little further south the opportunity for any warmth would shift south, leaving us with mostly snow.  Tuesday will definitely be a day to keep an eye on as the both the afternoon and evening commute will be impacted. 

Super Blood Wolf Moon Sunday Night

A total lunar eclipse will take place late Sunday evening into early Monday morning, with near perfect viewing conditions of the sky.  Temperatures, however, won't be the greatest and you'll definitely want to make sure you bundle up if you plan on viewing the lunar eclipse. 

According to, the moon Sunday night will go into total eclipse and will turn blood red.  The next total eclipse isn't expected to happen
again until 2021, however those in North America will have to wait until 2022 for a blood moon to be visible from their location.  Tonight's eclipse is occurring while the moon is near its closet point to the Earth, and will be at its closet point for the month.

If you plan on catching a glimpse of the total lunar eclipse, bundle up!  It is going to be very cold with temperatures sitting right around zero degrees around 8pm/9pm, falling down to three below by 10pm.  Wind chills will be as low as fifteen degrees below zero.

For more on the Super Blood Wolf Moon, click here.

Tumbling Temperatures Sunday Night

Sunshine Sunday afternoon didn't do much to warm temperatures.  Afternoon highs struggled to make it much past the double digits during the afternoon.  Breezy North winds held wind chills below zero all day.

Breezy winds will continue through Sunday evening pushing wind chills as low as twenty degrees below zero by Midnight.  After that, winds will lighten up some as high pressure moves closer to northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  This will allow wind chills to 'warm' slightly be morning, but still remain around ten degrees below zero.

Surface temperatures will fall rather quickly as well over the freshly fallen snow from Friday night.  Already at 6:30pm temperatures temperatures are falling close to zero degrees.  Under mostly clear skies, light winds and recent snow temperatures will quickly fall below zero, some places well below zero, by Monday morning.  Right now the forecast low for Rockford is eight below, but some places (typically colder spots) could get even lower.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Coldest Air of the Season Arrives Sunday & Monday Morning

Good evening Stateline! After the winter storm moved out this morning, temperatures have been steadily dropping throughout the day. High pressure positioned to the north is filtering some of the coldest air of the season starting tonight that will last through Monday morning.

Temperatures right now are in the single digits across the viewing area. But, if we take a look on what it actually feels like outside. Wind chills are in the negatives as midnight draws closer. With mostly clear skies in the forecast tonight, temperatures should bottom out to near 3 degrees just before sunrise. Wind chills during this time frame will continue to drop to near -10. So if you are an earlier riser, you definitely will need to bundle up as you head out the door!

This trend looks to continue Sunday night into Monday. Wind chills will rebound close to 0 during the day on Sunday. However, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies are in the forecast again Sunday night. This along with the fresh snow on the ground will set the stage for temperatures Monday morning to drop below zero.

Along with sub-zero temperatures are the wind chills yet again. Wind Chills Monday morning will also reach between -5 to -15 degrees across the Stateline. For both Sunday & Monday morning, you will need to bundle up if you are heading out the door early. Stay warm Stateline!

Stateline Snow

Snow has tapered off across the Stateline, but we are going to be left with blustery conditions today and into your Sunday. Expect gusts upwards of 35mph. The winds will make feels like temperatures down close to -5° - -10° Saturday night, Sunday and into Monday morning.

Because the snow is pushing off to the east, the Winter Storm Warning has been cancelled everyone except DeKalb, McHenry and Walworth Counties.

With the winds gusting upwards of 30-35mph, blowing and drifting snow is likely to create some hazardous travel conditions.

So take it slow if you have to head out today. We will give it red lights for the morning and evening commutes due to the blowing and drifting snow.

 The gusts of 30-35mph will continue into the evening hours tonight and into Sunday. The winds will make feels like temperatures down close to -5° - -10° Saturday night, Sunday and into Monday morning.

We want to see your pictures of the snow! When you can do so safely, be sure to share your snowy weather pictures! Tweet them at me, message them to us, or email them to Also, please let me know how much snow you picked up in your backyard!

Friday, January 18, 2019

UPDATE: It's quiet for now, but snow is on the way!

Good evening everyone! We do have winter storm warnings out for all of our viewing area. That warning went into effect at 3 PM this afternoon and will stay in effect through noon tomorrow. This is mainly for the snow tonight that could be heavy at times and also the blustery conditions that will move in tomorrow afternoon.

Right now, much of the snow is staying north of the Stateline so it is quiet for the southern half of the region. But, if you look off to the west, the precipitation is starting to fill in across much of eastern Iowa. We expect that to make it's way into the viewing area tonight.

Snow could be heavy at times with snowfall rates nearing an inch per hour. Here is our snow chances throughout the night, snow likely starting at 8 PM and continuing on into early tomorrow morning.

Snow should start to taper off by the late morning/early afternoon time frame. Overall throughout the viewing area, we should see snowfall totals between 4 to 8 inches from this Winter Storm. I do expect us to be closer to the 4" mark throughout much of Stateline when it is all said and done.