Thursday, March 21, 2019

Weekend Rainfall May Slow How Fast Local Rivers Recede

The Rock and Pecatonica rivers continue to remain in moderate to major flood stage, but have been gradually going down since this weekend. 

The current river forecast has both the rivers falling into minor flood stage either this weekend or early next week.  However, anticipated rainfall over the weekend may slow just how quickly those rivers get there.  A storm system
will approach northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin Saturday night and Sunday.  As it does, moisture will increase from the south causing skies to turn mostly cloudy Saturday night.  An upper level disturbance will lift into northern Illinois from the south, bringing rain showers with by Sunday morning.  The rain is expected to remain light but will continue through the afternoon and evening.  Anticipated rainfall amounts will range from around a quarter of an inch, up to half an inch, by Sunday evening. 

While the rain likely won't cause any major flooding it could delay when rivers are expected to drop into minor flood stage.  The pattern does look to turn a little more active towards the end of next week and first week of April.

High Pressure Keeping Things Dry into Sunday!

Taking a look at our Mercyhealth skycam over Rochelle, we have mostly cloudy skies for now! Decreasing clouds are expected later on this afternoon as a high pressure system draws closer to the region.

This high pressure system, which is keeping things quiet from North Dakota, all the way down into Texas, will be what drives our weather the next few days. It will keep things quiet and dry, and also bring more sunshine to the Stateline.

With that said, that will help alleviate some of the flooding that is going on across the Stateline. Rivers have been slowly recede now that the weather has been mostly dry as of recent.  The Pecatonica River in Freeport has already dropped over a foot since cresting this past weekend. Almost down a foot also along the Pecatonica in Shirland.

However, the Rock River in Latham Park is taking it's sweet old time to recede. Slowly making progress as we head into next week!

Both the Rock River in Rockton and the Pecatonica in Freeport are now at moderate flood levels and are set to drop to minor category by the beginning of next week. The Rock River in Latham Park however, will only drop one category, down to moderate during the same time frame.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Temperatures Go On A Rollercoaster Ride into Next Week!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone! After such a brutal winter, we can finally say "We made it"! Spring officially begins this afternoon at 4:58 PM! To start off the morning, a weak disturbance brought light rain to the southern portions of our viewing area as well as parts of central Illinois.
Here is a regional look at rainfall totals from this quick event! Light rain just barely made it into the southern portion of our viewing area. Which is great news! Especially with the flooding that is occurring across the Stateline! Overall, our southern counties saw very light accumulation from this event. While down to our south, places like Pontiac and Peoria recorded close to a quarter of an inch.

Flood warnings continue to stay in effect until further notice for many spots along the Rock and Pecatonica Rivers. These warnings have been in effect since last week.

The rest of the week and a majority of the weekend looks to be pretty dry. Here is a look at the jet stream around Friday morning. Now, we have a huge area of low pressure moving into the northeast indicated by the shades of blue.

To the west of that is a ridge of high pressure indicated by the shades of yellow and green. This ridge will help surge in warm air from the south helping us reach the 50's both Saturday and Sunday.

But this warm up is short lived as a strong backdoor cold front will pass through the region late Sunday into Monday. Backdoor cold fronts move from North to South unlike a regular cold front which moves west to east. This will bring in the cold air from southern Canada dropping low's to the 40's for the start of next week.

Taking a look at our 7 day, temperatures definitely go on a roller coaster ride during the first week of Spring. Enjoy the first day of Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

River Levels and Tonight's Rain Chances

Good morning Stateline & happy St. Joseph's Day to everyone. We are starting off the day with abundant sunshine and temperatures rising into the 30's. Today, we look to warm up close to 50° during the afternoon!

Here is an updated look at the river levels in a few spots across the Rock River as of this morning. River levels in Rockton were downgraded to moderate during the evening yesterday and is predicted to hold steady heading into the weekend. Latham Park is still in major flood stage but it has gone below 14'. This was the spot along the river that broke it's crest record set back in 2008. It crested Sunday at a height of 14.4'.

A few other spots along the Rock River, such as Byron and Dixon, have slowly started to recede as well. With Bryon & Dixon both dropping by a little more than a foot since cresting last Friday.

Now onto the weather for today and tonight. We currently have a high pressure system that has taken control of the region and will continue to do so as well into this evening.

As that pushes east, a weak disturbance will track to the south of the viewing area. Most of the heaviest rain will stay off to our south. But, we aren't ruling out a shower or two during the early morning hours on Wednesday. Then we will be mostly cloudy for the remainder of the first day of Spring!

Now aside from the forecast, have you ever seen a halo around the sun during the day? Well, the same thing can form around the moon! It's when light reflects off of the ice crystals in the cirrus clouds creating a halo around the moon. Here is a picture sent in by Matt Zuro!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Rivers Slowly Recede, but Major Flooding Continues

The Rock and Pecatonica rivers were pushed into major flood stage over the weekend causing significant flooding across Stephenson and Winnebago counties.

Residents along the Rock River in, and around, Rockford haven't experienced flooding of this magnitude since June 2008, but it's been even longer for those living along the Pecatonica River in Stephenson and northern Winnebago
counties.  The town of Winslow became inundated with water forcing many residents to evacuate their homes Sunday and Monday.  McConnell has also dealt with flooding, as well as much of the east side of Freeport.  Taylor Park Elementary School remains closed due to ongoing flooding.

Many points along the Rock and Pecatonica rivers have either crested, or are in the process of cresting as of Monday afternoon.  Some of the water has already receded since Monday morning, but
steady water levels are expected through the middle to end of the week.

Dry weather conditions expected across the Midwest will help with the receding waters, but it's going to take some time before rivers fall below flood stage.  A warm up across the Midwest late this week and weekend will allow the snow melt to continue to the north across Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern Iowa.  This could mean additional flooding concerns heading into the beginning and middle of April.

Warm & Dry into Spring!

Good morning Stateline! Hoping everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day! We woke up this morning to increasing clouds and a snow shower or two passing through the region. Today will be a repeat of yesterday as a strong high pressure system dominates the Midwest keeping things relatively quiet into tomorrow. 
Temperatures will warm up into the low 50's starting tomorrow starting a 6 day stretch of 50° temperatures here in the viewing area. The last time we had that long of a stretch was between October 28th to November 2nd of last year. This stretch started with a high of 50° on October 28th, a high of 59° on Halloween, and low 50's for the first two days of November.

And what perfect timing for winter to finally get the boot out of here than during the first week of Spring. Now, this stretch does seem to be mainly dry. So the combination of warmer temperatures and dry conditions will melt any remaining snow across the region adding to the catastrophic flooding conditions going on along the rivers. The next time we could see any significant rainfall is at the end of the weekend on Sunday! 

The Spring Equinox occurs on Wednesday at 4:58 PM! So it is most fitting to ask the question, Who's ready for Spring?!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Major Flooding Continues along Rivers in Northern Illinois

Major flooding is taking place along the Rock and Pecatonica Rivers in northern Illinois with rivers rising another half a foot, up to a foot, just within the past 24-36 hours.  Most of the east side of Freeport is flooded with rescues taking place from people trapped in their homes.  Significant flooding is occurring in Machesney Park along the Rock River and the gauge at Latham Park has just surpassed the record crest of 14.3ft back in 2008! 

Flood Warnings continue as moderate to major flooding is expected for the next week to week and a half.  The forecast for the next several days shows a drier pattern, which is definitely welcomed news.  However, warmer temperatures through this week and expected rainfall going into next weekend will likely keep rivers running high into the month of April. 

Click here for a current check on rivers, their current river level and expected crest time/date.