Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Wild Week Coming Up For The Stateline

Sunday was another above average day for the Stateline.  The high temperature was 40 degrees when the average high should be 29 degrees, and the low early this morning was 19 degrees when the  average low should be 14 degrees.  During the last 39 days since the 1st of December only 5 days have averaged below normal.  The above average trend will continue through Wednesday January 11th.  Mild Pacific high pressure will dominate with temperatures reaching about 47 degrees on Monday, and top out around 52 degrees with sunshine on Tuesday.  A strong cold front will move across the area on Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday will be a transition day to colder, but temperatures will reach the middle 40's before the colder air arrives.  There could be some snow showers Wednesday night and Thursday along with winds gusting to 40 mph or so.  On Thursday the high temperature will only be in the middle 20's, and on Thursday night it will drop down to about 12 degrees.  A trough of low pressure will swing across the area on Friday morning, and there could be some snow showers of flurries in the morning.  Friday will be cold and breezy with a north wind 15-25 mph with an afternoon high in the low 20's.  There will be a small moderation in temperatures over the weekend.

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