Monday, February 23, 2015

February Cold Won't Let Up

Not only will we have multiple chances to see record cold this week, February 2015 could be colder than February 2014. If you don't remember, last February was part of our endless winter.

Let's start with the records. Monday's high of 9° in Rockford blew away the record cold high of 17° previously set in 1934. We also came close to the record low, but our -8° recorded at the airport fell a few degrees shy of the record low of -12° set back in 1910.

As for records that are still in jeopardy this week, we could see record cold highs on Thursday (11° / 1920) and Friday (15° / 2014) in Rockford.

Remember last February? After averaging all the highs and lows together, February 2014 was a whopping 13.5° below average. As of Monday, February 2015 is 11.2° below average. If the forecast holds, this February would once again be about 13° below average.

After all this cold, what does March have in store? If it's anything like like March, look for a cold first week before finally warming up to around normal. -BA

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