Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flooding still a concern, but levels will go down by the end of the week

Minor to moderate flooding continues along area rivers from the rapid snow melt over the weekend and early this week.  River levels are expected to go down by this weekend, but if you look around you'll notice most are either right at or out of their banks.  Flood Warnings continue for the Kishwaukee River at Belvidere and near Perryville, the Pecatonica River in Freeport and in Green County Wisconsin and the Sugar River in Brodhead through the rest of the week.  

The following two pictures are from Brad Burke.  The first one was taken a few days ago when nearly a foot of snow was on the ground.  The second was taken just yesterday after the heavy rain and snow melt.  This is the Kishwaukee River in Cherry Valley just south of Highway 20. 

Julie Nelson
Freeport, IL
Jeni Hardin
Creston Rd in Creston, IL
Here are some other flooding pictures we've received this week.


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