Friday, March 22, 2013

Where's The Warmth?

It's officially spring, which begs the question, "Where are the warm temperatures?!" It's going to take at least another week, but if you like warm weather, the long term forecast looks promising.

Here's the April temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. It's nothing impressive, but it does hint at a small shot at warmer weather. Just to clarify... the percentages indicate the chance of seeing above normal temps, not how much above average temps will be.

Expand that outlook to the next couple months and it's a much different story. If you go April through June, there's now a 40% chance of seeing above normal temps.

These outlooks are pretty basic. They don't indicate how hot temperatures would be or when they would happen, but for everyone hoping for some actual spring weather, it's the silver lining on what has been a very chilly March.

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