Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday's snowfall one for the record books

Very impressive snow amounts were recorded across the Stateline from Tuesday's storm system!  Anywhere from 6" all the way up to 11" of snow were reported to the National Weather Service.  Quite amazing considering the snow had a decent amount of weight and moisture with it.

A whopping 9.6" was officially recorded at the Chicago/Rockford Int'l Airport making Tuesday's snow the biggest March snow on a calendar day since 10.4" fell back on March 29th, 1972!  It also made this March the snowiest since 10.4" fell back in 1999.  Now, snow in March really isn't all that unusual as we typically receive 4.8" in a given year.  Hopefully this will be the last of the snow we see this month, but something tells me we may get just a little more.

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