Friday, March 15, 2013

Stateline Weather Radio Issues

If you own a weather radio, listen up! The National Weather Service is having issues with its Rockford tower, and the strength of its signal is being affected.

This problem won't affect you if you live in Winnebago or Boone counties, but if you live in areas like Decatur, Dixon, Freeport, Janesville and other surrounding areas, you may have problems getting a signal on your weather radio.

Rockford Weather Radio Station - Old Coverage Pattern
Rockford Weather Radio Station - New Coverage Pattern
If you are being affected, here's a list of alternate frequencies you can use to get your weather radio back up and running:

DeKalb, WNG-536, at 162.550 MHz, serving Dekalb, Boone, Winnebago, Ogle and Lee Counties
Dixon, KZZ-55, at 162.525 MHz, serving Ogle and Lee Counties
Freeport, KZZ-56, at 162.450 MHz, serving Ogle, Stephenson and Winnebago Counties in IL and Green County WI.
Janesville, WI, WWG-90, at 162.425 MHz, serving Rock and Green Counties Wisconsin
Crystal Lake, KXI-41, at 162.500 MHz, serving Boone County
Plano, KXI-58, at 162.400 MHz, serving DeKalb County
For more information on northern Illinois NOAA Weather Radio coverage, go to
For more information on northwest Illinois NOAA Weather Radio coverage, got to
For more information on southern Wisconsin NOAA Weather Radio coverage, go to

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