Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Evening Winter Storm Update

Here's the latest on our next winter storm, which is expected to the be the biggest we've seen so far this winter. 

TIMING: Snow will slowly move in after midnight, but won't start to pick up steam until mid to late morning.

Snow will be at its heaviest during the afternoon. Snowfall rates could be as high as 1-2" an hour during this time. Wind gusts will be around 30mph.

Snow will start to lighten into the evening, with completely dry conditions by Wednesday morning.

IMPACT: Your morning commute could be messy thanks to the snow, especially west of Rockford. The ease of your morning drive depends on how quickly the snow moves in. The evening commute will definitely be impacted, thanks to heavy snow and wind. Blowing and drifting snow will be likely, as well as whiteout conditions. Even with snow lightening into the evening, blowing and drifting snow will continue into the overnight.

TOTALS: This should be the biggest snow we've seen in a few years. We'll call for 6-10" through the day. Models suggest we'll see lesser amounts to the northeast of Rockford. Some isolated spots southwest of Rockford could see up to a foot in accumulation.

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