Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Difference A Year Makes

As we continue to deal with below average temperatures, here's a thought that might warm you up: This time last year, we were dealing with historic warmth across the Stateline.

First, a look at this March so far. Highs were a good 10-15° below normal to start the month. We have only had two days in the 40s during a month where the average high starts at 40°.

March 2012's record warmth really picked up steam around this time. Here's a side by side comparison of our forecast for the next week and actual highs we saw this time last year. From year to year, we will see a roughly 40 degree temperature swing!

You can find a complete breakdown of last March's historic temps here, thanks to the National Weather Service in Chicago.

For all you spring lovers, be patient! Warmer temps will be around the corner before you know it. -BA

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