Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Snowfall Roundup

With a little light snow in the forecast Tuesday night, I figured it was time to look at where the numbers are for precipitation and snowfall for the month of January.

Overall, January has been a slightly cooler and drier month.  The cold push really coming with the recent cold snap we're just ending.  But for precipitation, we've really seemed to miss out on the bigger snowfalls.

Total snowfall for the month adds up to just over three inches, nearly three inches below where we should be for the 19th of January.  Total snowfall averages 10.2" in January, the second snowiest month in the winter season. 

The light snow tonight won't help with the deficit as we're only expected to receive a few tenths of an inch through Wednesday morning.  Following Tuesday night's system, our skies remain dry until possibly late in the weekend.

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