Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Weather Update

After a relatively quiet weekend, the weather will be on the soggier side today.

A developing low pressure system in Kansas is already prompting Winter Weather Advisories just to the west of the Stateline area. To the west in Iowa and portions of central Wisconsin look to pick  up more winter weather, with ice and snow through the afternoon. For northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, things will be a bit different.

The current track of the low pressure system looks to push through Missouri and then into northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Because of that, the Stateline area will remain mostly in the warm sector of this system. With southerly flow up above, we draw in the moisture and more mild air from the south. With moisture flowing in from the Gulf, dew points will steadily rise through the day, allowing for temperatures to rise as well. Temperatures today will warm into the mid and upper 30's by the mid afternoon, and this is also when the best moisture arrives. Because of that, the chance for rain or drizzle is low through about lunch time, but it's still possible.With temperatures near freezing, freezing drizzle is also possible.

Rain will then lift northward from the southeast today, so as we head through the afternoon rain will spread through the Stateline area. Overall the rain will be light but steady through the day. Temperatures tonight will then begin to fall, from 7pm onward snow will begin to mix in with the rain, then turning to all light snow after midnight. The snow comes to an end early Tuesday morning, and overall little to no snow accumulation is expected. However, there could be some slick areas on roads for the early commute on Tuesday.

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