Monday, January 25, 2016

Slick Monday Evening Commute

8:30pm Update:  The light snow is becoming a little more widespread this evening, but we'll still continue with the light snow showers - and even in some locations the light mix - through Midnight.  Temperatures by Tuesday morning will be in the upper 20's.

6:25pm Update: Light, to at times moderate, snow continues to fall over Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  At times it's been mixed with a little sleet north of Rockford.  I've even received reports of minor accumulation near Freeport, Warren and Lena.

5:40pm Update: Light snow is currently falling at the WTVO studio west of downtown Rockford.  I've also received a report of sleet falling in Roscoe.

Surface low pressure is now moving into Northwest Illinois and Northeast Iowa.  To the east of the low, temperatures are above freezing.  But in Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois temperatures have cooled down near freezing.

This has caused the precipitation that has been falling to fall as either freezing rain, sleet or light snow.  I've received several reports of roads, sidewalks and driveways becoming slick in and around Freeport due to the light freezing rain.

A little sleet could mix in with the light drizzle closer to Rockford over the next couple of hours.

Take it slow on the drive Monday evening.  Eventually this mix will transition over to light snow after Midnight.  Minor accumulations are possible by Tuesday morning which could make Tuesday morning's commute slick as well.

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