Friday, May 12, 2017

A Big Warmup Ahead

What a great way to spend our Friday; sunshine and 70° temperatures! Even better, we get to see even warmer temperatures for the weekend and keep the sunshine. We've seen a warming trend this week that's going to be ramped up this weekend, all thanks due to a high pressure system to our west.  The high is helping to keep our weather calm and our skies fairly sunny, but by Saturday night it'll position itself south of us.  This is key because in this position, the high will be able to pull in lots of warm air, which will help to bring our temperatures into the upper 70°s for tomorrow, but a few of our southern counties could see 80° tomorrow afternoon.  However, everyone will be seeing temperatures in the low 80°s for Mothers Day and we'll hang on to the sunshine for that day as well, so be sure to make some outdoor plans that day because it will feel like summer.

As we head into the work week we'll keep the 80° temperatures and sunshine for Monday, but we do have a chance for some thunderstorms Monday evening as a low pressure system will move in and strengthen that inflow of warmth and moisture into our area.  The clouds will stick around on Tuesday, but the low will help to keep our temperatures in the 80°s for the afternoon and for Wednesday as well. Wednesday evening we'll have another chance for some storms, but the weather will stay calm for the rest of the week afterwards, with temperatures slightly cooling into the mid 70°s for Thursday and Friday.

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