Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Weekend and the Week Ahead

It's been quite a gray week here in the stateline as we've seen 4 inches of rain alone in the month of May, which is about 1 inch above it's average.  We've seen a meridional pattern in the jet stream, and this is what's been giving us all the rain.  This causes low pressure systems to track northward and more slowly, causing them to stall over a given area.  This low is now stalling over Indiana, which is why we've seen cloudy skies this morning.  The low will begin to track more eastward once the jet stream flow starts to return to normal.  The low will pull some clouds out of our area when it tracks east allowing for more sunshine during the afternoon, which will help bump our temperatures into the low 70°s.

Another low will track into our area tomorrow, this one bringing in a warm front.  The warm inflow will bring a chance for some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, mainly for our southern counties.  However, this front will stall over our area during the weekend, bringing everyone in the stateline a chance for thunderstorms Saturday afternoon, but only a rain chance on Sunday.  Sunday, the low will track north and begin to weaken, but once it moves out it'll pull cooler, drier air into our area.  This will cool temperatures into the mid 60°s to start the work week, but more importantly it'll help clear our skies and keep the rain away.

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