Saturday, May 6, 2017

Warming Back Up

We've had a beautiful start to the weekend with temperatures hitting the low to mid 60°s here in the stateline.  Along with that, we've gotten plenty of sunshine! This will continue for the rest of the weekend, so be sure to make plans to go outside and enjoy the amazing weather.  This weekend has been a complete 180 from last weekend, and the reason for that is high pressure.  A high pressure system is making its approach from the north, which has helped to clear the skies and allow the sun to make its presence.  High pressure keeps air from rising, and thus keeping storms and rain showers from forming.  This high lingers around through Sunday afternoon, which is why the weather tomorrow will be just like today.

However, we do have to deal with a chilly overnight tonight as temperatures will drop into the mid 30°s.  As that high clears the skies during the overnight, the lack of clouds will allow temperatures to drop fairly fast.  This can lead to frost formation, and we do have a chance for some patchy frost up north tomorrow morning.  Green, Rock, Walworth, Stephenson, Winnebago, and Boone counties all have a chance for from patchy frost occurring early tomorrow morning.  Our southern counties will be slightly warmer, just enough to keep frost formation unlikely. 

After the weekend, temperatures will warm up a little more for the work week into the mid 60°s, but a low pressure system will bring us some cloud cover for the work week as well.  We'll still see a good amount of sunshine, but this low will help to keep our temperatures on the warmer side for the entire week.  A warm front will move near our area Monday night, but it doesn't look strong enough to form any rain showers.  That low will dissipate on Tuesday when a ridge of high pressure moves in, creating a blocking pattern known as an Omega Block.  This will help to keep the weather calm for the rest of the week, allowing us to enjoy the 60° temperatures in peace

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