Monday, May 1, 2017

April Showers...

...bring May flowers. After the April we just had, our flowers will be beautiful!

It was a soggy April with the month's total exceeding seven inches! The average is 3.35" which means we doubled April's average! The official surplus tops at 3.78"! In the past five days alone, Rockford received 3.02", which is about a quarter of an inch below the month's average. Here's a daily breakdown of the past fast five days:

Wednesday, April 26th: 0.56"
Thursday, April 27th: 0.65"
Friday, April 28th: 0.03"
Saturday, April 29th: 1.01"
Sunday, April 30th: 0.74"

 Though all of this rain is not good for area farmers, who want to continue with spring planting. This week will feature small rain chances and temperatures that trend below average.

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