Saturday, May 13, 2017

A string of 80°s

The warming trend has shot up quite a bit, as our temperatures have climbed nearly 10° from where we were at yesterday.  We officially hit 80° today, and even got a little past that.  Along with that, we flew by our average today as we started the beginning of this week well below it.  The best part is that we get to experience the 80° temperatures with the sunshine! It's been a beautiful start to the weekend, and Mother's Day will be the exact same with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80°s.  However, you'll want to experience the nice weather this evening has to offer first, as we'll hold on to the sunny skies and see temperatures in the low to mid 70°s.  Be sure to make plans tonight, because this is an evening you won't want to miss. 

The reason for this strong warmup is that we have a high pressure system moving south of us.  Since the high is south of us, it's able to pull in hot and dry air from the southwest, which is helping to keep our atmosphere dry and our temperatures very warm.  Thus, we get sunny skies and temperatures well above average. 

We hold on to these warm temperatures through next week, although a low pressure system will begin its approach on Monday.  This will push the high pressure system further south, which will end up increasing our cloud cover.  The low will develop some strong thunderstorms with these warm temperatures, but the good news is that the strong storms will stay to the northwest.  However, we could see a few small thunderstorms filter through our area Wednesday evening, but other than that this low will help to keep our temperatures in the 80°s.

That low will pass on Thursday, bringing back the clear skies to go along with the 80° temperatures.  A second low will move in to replace it on Friday, bringing us a chance for a few thunderstorms in the evening and a chance for some light rain Saturday morning.

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