Monday, April 11, 2016

A Look at Spring Temperatures So Far

This upcoming warm stretch has many saying 'finally, temperatures are feeling more spring-like'.  But if we look at the spring season overall - since March 1st - we've actually been pretty much on par with the seasonal forecast. 

The month of March was warm.  The first few days were below average, but after that most of the month was spent above average.  March monthly temperatures were nearly 5.5 degrees above average!

April so far hasn't followed in the footsteps of March - yet.  If we look at the first ten days of the month, temperatures have been well below average giving the month an average temperature of over six degrees below average!  This upcoming week should help out with highs expected to be at, or above, average beginning Wednesday.  After that, it doesn't appear as if we'll see much of a cold snap arriving like we did for the first of the month.  If anything, temperatures may stay close to average.  Which will be in the low to mid 60's.

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