Thursday, April 21, 2016

Foggy morning, Rain by the Evening

It's a foggy Thursday morning with greatly reduced visibility across portions of the Stateline. The thickest fog is found west of Rockford through Freeport, Sterling, and Savanna where the visibility has hoovered around a few hundred feet.

The low pressure system is currently situated in western Iowa, and with the warm front to the north of us we are in the warm sector of the system. Morning temperatures starting warm in the mid and upper 50's this morning. With the clouds breaking apart through midday and early afternoon, temperatures will be very similar to yesterday where we warmed into the upper 60's and even low 70's. With the sun warming the surface, up above in the atmosphere there is a pocket of cold air. What this does is creates a big difference in temperatures, or a large temperature gradient. This in turn helps to generate instability which is a big ingredient for thunderstorms. With more lift in the atmosphere arriving in the mid to late afternoon, and with increasing instability storms and showers will be possible for us late in the afternoon today. It won't be a wash out however, but watch for isolated storms around 4pm and will continue into the evening.

Don't worry sun returns on Friday and temperatures continue to warm over the weekend.

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