Friday, April 15, 2016

Very Sunny Weekend Could Spell Problems

Temperatures finally eclipsed our average high for this time of year on Thursday. They will likely eclipse that number for the foreseeable future as well. As we have been discussing all week long, a dominant area of high pressure just to our east is acting as a block, disallowing any precipitation to move into the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. It is also putting the Stateline in such a position that we see southerly winds. This, in turn, is sending very warm air into the area. The warmest of that air will arrive this weekend into Monday of next week in the form of middle and upper 70's. It will also continue to be sunny.

We will experience a brief and slight cool down next Tuesday and Wednesday with high temperatures likely remaining in the 60's, but we warm right back up after that to end next week. We could be talking upper 70's and lower 80's by the time next weekend rolls around if current model projections hold true. The other side of the high pressure system is the dry pattern that it will continue bringing to the region. No single day through next weekend features a chance of rain higher than 20-25% as it looks now.

With the increasing temperatures and abundant sunshine, it is likely that many of you will be venturing outdoors this weekend to a park, river, or even your own backyard. An important thing to remember this time of year is that sunburn can and does happen despite it only being mid-April. The sun angle is very strong in the spring, so contrary to popular belief, sunburn is a very real possibility this weekend. Our UV index values will range from 7-8, which falls into the "high" category, meaning sunburn risk is quite high. Therefore, it is important to utilize plenty of sunscreen this weekend if you're going to be out and about enjoying the rays.

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