Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Extended Outlook Holds on to the Warmth

That's what we want to hear, right?  The warm weather expected for the upcoming weekend may return, and even warm further, by the end of next week.

The long range outlook from the Climate Prediction center places nearly all of the United States under a higher probability of experiencing above average temperatures.  But look at the center of the country.  Another dome of high pressure will build over the Heartland warming temperatures possibly into the middle and upper 70's, with the 80's not that far away!  So if you're a warm weather fan, this may just be the forecast for you.

As for precipitation, we remain dry for the next week with very little rainfall expected through next week.  There could be a few more showers/storms developing over the Upper Midwest and out west, with only a slight chance for above average precipitation in far Northern Illinois.

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