Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Not a Complete Washout

Most of Wednesday ended up dry and that dry weather gave temperatures a nice boost into the upper 60's and low 70's.  Much improved from the all day 50 degree weather Tuesday.

There have been a few light showers Wednesday late afternoon, but I anticipate the rain to pick up a little more in intensity through the evening.  Thunder has been hard to come by as instability has stayed low, so just expecting light rainfall through the evening.  Rainfall amounts won't be much - quarter of an inch for some.

As drier air moves in overnight the rain will be ending through Thursday morning.  And like Wednesday, Thursday will see many dry hours.  As an upper level low pulls closer to Northern Illinois late Thursday afternoon, an uptick in showers and thunderstorms will be possible.  This will be due to colder air found above the surface of the earth associated with the low.  With a little sun Thursday afternoon, the colder air will help generate instability.  And that instability will lead to a slightly higher storm threat Thursday afternoon.  But don't worry, the showers/storms will be isolated.  A few showers may linger into Thursday evening before skies dry by Friday morning.

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