Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mild & Sunny Week Ahead

Boy oh boy, what a difference a year makes in the weather department. Last year, of course, we were tracking severe weather, tornadoes, and temperatures in the 70's. This year, we are seeing temperatures in the 30's under sunny skies. In fact, our high temperature today this far is 37°. That is 34° colder than the very warm 71° we saw on April 9th, 2015. This just goes to show that weather truly does operate in a fluctuating pattern. This is a perfect example of how averages are determined. Take today's 37° and last year's 71° and average them. You get 54°, which is a few degrees off of the average high temperature for April 9th. While most times we will be near that average temperature, there are years that are completely different from each other, but typically will combine to yield a number near that average.

The cold has been here for awhile now as spring has gotten off to a chilly start. However, there is a light at the end of the seemingly endless winter tunnel.
In fact, we will be flirting with 70° in a week. Until then, expect 50's Sunday to give way to a brief cooler stretch on Monday and Tuesday. Then, as high pressure moves off to the east, much warmer air will be pumped into the Stateline from the south. This pattern will result in highs reaching the 60's by next Thursday. We will see several days in a row above average -- something we haven't really seen this year. I'm sure this is a welcome change to most everyone, though, since we are now heading into mid-April!

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