Thursday, April 14, 2016

How Long Can We Stay Dry?

It seems like a broken record at this point. The dry, warm weather is still here, and will continue to be here. But, how long can we keep it around? Well, the dominant area of high pressure that is centered to our east is going nowhere. It will remain along or near the East Coast through the beginning of next week. That means sunshine will remain in the forecast, as well as warm, southerly winds. And, as those southerly winds continue, temperatures will continue their incline into the weekend with high temperatures comfortably reaching the lower to middle 70s.

In fact, by the time we get to late next week, some of our long-range models are suggesting upper 70s and lower 80s across the Stateline. Now, is that a guarantee? No. Is it feasible? With the pattern expected to last through next week, yes.
The only blemish in an otherwise stellar forecast is the threat of a few very isolated showers Tuesday and Thursday of next week, in addition to a brief cool down early next week. However, there is not a single day in the next 7-10 days that features high temperatures below the current average high of 60°!

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