Friday, July 29, 2016

Another Wave of Heat

We get a bit of a break from the heat this weekend with temperatures actually below average in the upper 70's and low 80's. A trough in the atmosphere is keeping the cooler temperatures around along with periodic showers and storms. More storms in the forecast for Friday, though mainly we will see shower activity. The coverage in any rain however will be less than Thursday, though could still see areas of heavy rain. Showers will continue this evening but will begin to diminish with just a few showers possible into Saturday. Temperatures then warm to 83° with a little more sunshine.

A ridge builds to the west over the weekend and then once again spreads east bringing the heat with it. Temperatures make it into the mid 80's on Monday and then highs in the 90's possible through midweek. However, models have been indicating that we will be on the eastern edge of the ridge. This means a couple of things for us, the first is that we won't be under the 'core' of the heat. Meaning the hottest conditions will be centered over the center of the country and we will be on the outer fringe. It will still be hot though with highs in the low 90's possible.

Also, disturbances in the atmosphere like to ride along the edge of the heat - the ridge. This will allow for daily rain and storm chances, but it also plays a roll on temperatures. The less rain we see, the hotter it will get.  If we end up seeing more rain, temperatures will be limited to the upper 80's.

This will be what we're watching for next week as we kick off the start of August. This won't be the last of the heat, with a healthy corn crop still around, muggy and warm weather will be with us too.

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