Friday, July 29, 2016

How Much Rainfall in July?

If you think July has been abnormally wet, especially over the last week or so, you are absolutely correct. The month wasn't too terribly wet early on, but the last several days have featured rounds of rain and storms that dumped inches of rainfall in many locations throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. In fact, Friday's rainfall totaled 4.65" in Morrison, which is located in Whiteside County. An area just southeast of Rockford reported 2.62" of rain in just two short hours. These are two locations that saw storms for a few hours. There simply were no upper-level winds in place to steer the storms. As a result, they didn't move much at all. That, along with high moisture levels, led to heavy rain producing thunderstorms sitting over the same areas for an extended period of time Friday afternoon.
From the 21st of the month through Friday the 29th, Rockford has recorded 4.96" of rainfall. The month of July as a whole has featured a whopping 6.93" of rainfall. That puts the city at a 3.39" surplus in the rain department this month. This comes after June ended more than 2.00" below normal. Essentially, July has been the polar opposite of June in terms of rain and thunderstorm activity. That trend will continue on Saturday, but drier weather looks likely for the last day of the month on Sunday!

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