Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Flooding Potential This Weekend

Some clouds have started rolling in on our skycam, but no rain expected as our atmosphere is pretty dry. These clouds are from a small disturbance moving on by, but that's all we'll see from that system.  Humidity will continue going down through the evening and the overnight, but enjoy it while you can, because the humidity ramps back up afterwards heading to the weekend.

This low pressure system will form out in the plains on Wednesday, and while dew points will be fairly low like they were today, they climb for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  This will also increase our potential for thunderstorms heading towards the weekend, as all that moisture being pulled into the area will allow for easy thunderstorm development.

After Wednesday, we'll hit dew points in the upper 60's for Thursday, then get into the mid 70's by the time we reach Saturday.  The quick increase in moisture allows for an environment that is prone to thunderstorm activity.

The main threat we'll be watching out for is flooding, as the high moisture content in the atmosphere will allow any thunderstorm that develops to easily produce heavy rain showers, and even downpours.  These types of thunderstorms are expected for both Friday and Saturday.

Any thunderstorm activity that develops on Sunday will be pretty isolated, but the heat and humidity will still linger, with more thunderstorm activity possible heading into the work week.

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