Friday, February 19, 2016

A Split Weekend on the Way

Beautiful weather is on its way to begin the weekend. And boy, after the wind storm we had today, I think we deserve a nice, calm day in the Stateline. In fact, we had winds gust upwards of 62 MPH in Nora and 61 MPH at the Rockford International Airport. Those speeds are not far off from weak EF-0 tornado wind speeds! The winds are dying down and will continue to do so tonight and Saturday. Gusts upwards of 15 MPH are possible on Saturday, but that should be the worst we see. Other than that, expect highs in the middle 50's under mostly sunny skies. That will be a far cry from the high of 19° and low of -10° we had on this date last year.

Low temperatures on Saturday night may only fall to around the freezing mark, which is close to our average high for this time of year! Clouds will be on the increase ahead of a weak system that will remain to our south converging with a weak cold front that will move into the region from the north. The combination of those systems will give us substantial cloud cover on Sunday with an outside chance of showers or snow flurries. It will also bring cooler temperatures with highs in the lower 40's. Any precipitation we squeeze out will be very light and will have minimal impact.

It isn't too often we see 50's in February. We haven't seen 50° in February in a few years. Therefore, I encourage you to get out and enjoy Saturday, especially because looking ahead, it may be awhile before the 50's return to the Stateline.

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