Thursday, February 11, 2016

Average First Dates

Despite the bitter cold wind chills that will arrive for the start of the weekend, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Next week temperatures begin to rise as our jet stream winds lift northward allowing warmer air to filter in. But when we look at our 'average first dates' in terms of those bigger temperature milestones...well...we aren't too far away.

On average, the first 50° gets here by February 9th, which was just a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing warmth like that in the next week. The earliest we've seen a 50°day was back in 2005 on January 2nd. The longest we've had to wait? All the way to March 31st, but this was in 1912.

The next bigger milestone, 60°, gets here normally in March. The 10th to be exact. The earliest recorded 60° was also in January, the 4th in 2007.

And one of my personal favorite temperatures, 70°. We normally see this April first, though in 2000 we got lucky and saw this arrive February 25th. 

Maybe if we all think warmer thoughts we'll get to 70° a little sooner?

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