Friday, February 19, 2016

Record Breaking Warmth today?

The Spring-like weather is finally here! High temperatures today will warm to 60° across portions of the Stateline today. We get a boost of warmth because of the strong southwesterly winds we will see today. Winds will be sustained from 20-40mph today and winds will gust at 45-55mph this afternoon. Because of the strong winds a Wind Advisory is in effect until 6pm Friday. We will see lots of sunshine through the afternoon today as well, helping with the spring-like feel.

The last time we saw the 50's in February was in 2013. The record warmest Rockford has seen on this day was 63° in 1930! Enjoy it today, temperatures fall into the 50's on Saturday and then the 40's on Sunday. We return back to more seasonable levels next week.

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