Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring to Winter - Just in One Week

It just doesn't seem right that high temperatures this past weekend were in the 50's and 60's, and now there is the possibility of accumulating snowfall two days later.  But that's what we're going to be dealing with later this week.

Low pressure off the Pacific Northwest coast will move onshore late Sunday night into Monday morning.  As the low moves over the Rockies and into the Central Plains, a cold front will move southward over the Great Lakes Monday evening with colder air spilling into Wisconsin and eventually Northern Illinois Monday night.  This front will then turn stationary Monday night as low pressure is pulled northeast from the Central Plains into Southern Illinois and Indiana by Tuesday afternoon.

Temperatures Monday night will gradually fall to freezing, and below, as precipitation is pulled northward ahead of the low.  A mixture of rain, sleet and freezing rain, then eventually all snow, will occur Monday night into Tuesday morning.  It is possible that some areas may hold on to the mix a little longer with surface temperatures holding close to 32 degrees further into Tuesday morning.  Most likely areas to remain a mix will be south of I-88.

Accumulating snowfall is likely into Tuesday morning, with snowfall winding down by Tuesday afternoon and evening.  The track of this low will shift a little as we get close to Monday night/Tuesday morning.  However, accumulating snowfall is looking more likely into Tuesday morning.  So be prepared for wintry weather for the Tuesday morning commute.  And while it's still a little too early to get specific with snowfall totals, you will probably need your shovels for this one.

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