Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blizzard Conditions Close By

I'm sure you've heard of the large winter storm affecting portions of the Midwest and Great Lakes region today. While most of the Stateline will see little to no snow accumulating, it's currently dropping quiet a bit of snow just to the southeast of us, into the Chicago area, portions of east central Illinois and into northwestern Indiana.

The are currently Blizzard Warnings in affect as far south as south central Illinois, through portions on northeastern Illinois and into north western Indiana. The Blizzard Warning is in the orange shade. Winter Storm Warnings in pink, and Winter Weather Advisories also in place through Chicago, central Illinois, that touch right along the Stateline.

Most of the Stateline won't see snow at all, the Rockford area could see some light snow as we head into the mid to late afternoon with minor accumulations if any at all. Closer to DeKalb and Harvard have a better shot at receiving up to an inch or so. If the low where to shift more to the west, totals could be increased, but as of now the forecast continues that the heavy snow will stay east of us.

The heaviest snow is falling within the Blizzard Warning area with the potential for 10 inches or more of snow as well as sustained winds at 25mph will greatly reduce visibility of the falling snow to a quarter mile and winds will also gust up to 40mph in those areas, bringing wind whipped snow and white out conditions. The Chicago area will see anywhere between 2-12inches of snow, because it tappers off into the evening. But travel in and around the Chicago area will be hazardous, especially the evening commute.

Again for the Stateline area there are no watches, warnings, or advisories in place. Rockford looks to see a light snow shower or two with little to no accumulation. West of Rockford will stay cloudy and blustery, with northeast winds at 15-25mph and gusts near 35mph. The farther east of Rockford you head there is a better shot to see more accumulations. Places like Dekalb and Harvard could see about a half inch to an inch.

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