Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quiet Pattern Settling In

After a strong wintertime storm system brought blizzard conditions to portions of the Plains and Midwest and tornadoes to parts of the Deep South moved through on Tuesday, we have seen drier and colder air filter into the region. While it remained cloudy today, the atmosphere did slowly dry out. Temperatures will fall into the upper teens by Thursday morning with partly cloudy skies in the forecast. Expect those partly to mostly cloudy skies to continue on Thursday with colder temperatures in the upper 20's. High pressure will continue moving closer on Thursday, and that is why we will experience some sunshine. That high pressure will slide to our south later on Friday as a weak system moves to our north on Friday night and Saturday morning. That system does not look like it will bring much, if any, precipitation to the region.

An area of weak high pressure will slide back into the area for the weekend, which is why both Saturday and Sunday look dry with some sunshine expected for each day. As another weak system approaches from Southern Canada later in the day on Sunday, clouds will increase. The difference with this system is that it will extend further south, which means on Monday and Tuesday, some of the light snow will affect the Stateline. There won't be much moisture available for that system to work with, however, so any snow that does fall won't accumulate much.

Behind that system, fresh Canadian air will be allowed to freely move into the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes as a cold high pressure system arrives. That means another blast of very cold temperatures with highs in the teens and 20's and lows in the single digits.

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