Thursday, February 25, 2016

Next Storm Just in Time for March

Before we get into next week, let's just focus on some of the warmth we've got coming up this weekend.  Saturday is looking very nice, and Sunday won't be too terrible for the first half of the day.  Light rain is expected to move in by the afternoon and evening. 

As we look into next week, there is a bigger storm system forecast models have been keying in on for the past couple of days.  The big question is whether or not enough cold air will be in place Tuesday as low pressure moves east of the Rockies.  If that cold air spills far enough south, we could see snow for the beginning of March.  If not, or isn't as deep, precipitation would be more of a mix or maybe even just rainfall.

It's too early to determine what type of precipitation will fall, or any set storm track, but it's not too early to highlight next Tuesday as being a day to keep an eye on.  One key element to keep track on the next couple of days is just how long we can hold on to the warmth.  Temperatures may even be in the 50's next Monday.  If we can hold on to the warmth for a longer time, then it will be harder to get the cold air to sink far south.  Definitely something worth watching.

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