Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Cool Start To The Weekend

It was another cool start with temperatures in the mid 50°s, with a few locations that dipped to the low 50°s down south.  The reason for this was a high pressure influence, which kept the skies clear during the overnight last night, allowing for temperatures to cool rapidly.  This allowed for some fog to develop early on, but the clear skies allowed the sun to heat us up pretty quickly, and it didn't take long for the fog to evaporate.

That high pressure influence is pushing southeastward, and we'll start to see low pressure influence slowly begin influencing us this afternoon when the cloud cover increases.  However, we'll still see a good amount of sunshine, and this will help warm temperatures to around 83°.  That low pressure system will get closer during the overnight, causing the clouds to increase more, and allow for warmer overnight temperatures around 63°.

The low will move in Thursday afternoon, bringing a cold front near our area around 1pm.  This will trigger shower and thunderstorm development.  The cold front will progress through the Stateline during the afternoon and evening, before clearing out around 10pm.  However, even though the storms will be with us most of the day, they're not expected to be severe.

After the front moves out, another high pressure system will move in.  The high will form due to an upper-level pattern that will allow strong sinking motion to occur over southern Minnesota.  An upper-level low northeast of Michigan, and an upper-level high in the plains, will cause the sinking motion to occur.  The high will pull in cooler air as it tracks towards us, possibly cooling us down to the mid 70°s to start the weekend.  However, once it settles in more during Sunday, we'll see more sunshine that'll allow temperatures to warm back up into the low 80°s.

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