Monday, August 7, 2017

Cool This Week With a Little Rain

It was a bit of a muggy start, with the air being fairly saturated due to the temperatures and dew point temperatures being fairly close together this morning.  Luckily, temperatures have warmed up a little more, and the patchy fog has now cleared out.  Along with that, we had a little bit of rain along the stateline due to a low pressure system lingering south of our area.  Luckily, most of the day will be dry, but because that low pressure system will be lingering south of us until mid-day, we can't rule out the chance for a pop-up shower or two until a little after noon.

By the afternoon, a high pressure system will move in from the northwest, clearing our skies and giving us lots of sunshine.  Because it's moving in from the northwest, we'll see cooler temperatures in the mid 70°s during the afternoon, although a few locations in Whiteside, Lee, and the southern portion of Dekalb counties may see the upper 70°s.

That high pressure keep the skies clear for the overnight, where temperatures will cool to the mid 50°s.  The high will bring us more sunshine for tomorrow, bringing temperatures into the low 80°s.  Most of Wednesday will be sunny and dry, but during the overnight another low pressure system will move in and bring us some light rain showers.  We'll hang on to the cloud cover during Thursday, with another rain chance in the evening.  The low will move out Friday morning, giving us dry weather from then on out.

Cooler temperatures are in store this week, the reason being that an upper level low will track southeastward into the northeast corner of the United States.  This will push the jet stream a little south of our area, cooling us off.  Strong sinking motion will then result in the northwest over southern Minnesota, strengthening that high pressure system, resulting in that cool inflow from the north sustaining itself and bringing us cooler temperatures.  Temperatures will stay in the mid 70°s this week as a result, only hitting the low 80°s on Tuesday due to more sunlight.

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