Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dry Start to the Month of August

June and July were both very rainy months with each receiving nearly 7.5 inches of rainfall.  So far the first week of August has been pretty dry with under a tenth of an inch falling.  By this time in the month we should have received just a little over an inch of rainfall.  This puts us nearly an inch under where we need to be for the month.  While we've had a surplus of rainfall and a lot of moisture in the ground from the past two months, it's beginning to get a little dry.  Especially in areas that didn't receive quite as much rainfall as some did towards the end of July.

Looking ahead to the expected amount of rain this week, Thursday is really our only best day for any rain.  And even that doesn't look like it will amount to a great deal.  Totals will most likely remain under half an inch.  A few lingering showers may persist into Friday, and then again pop up Saturday and Sunday.  But those, too, are expected to remain very light.  While I'm not concerned about drought conditions developing, we are getting to a point where we do need a little bit of rainfall.  On average, the month of August receives 4.59 inches of rain.  This comes out to roughly an inch of rainfall per week. 

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