Thursday, August 3, 2017

This Evening's Storms and Cooler Weather On the Way

We've had a bit of a gray Thursday with scattered storms earlier in the afternoon, storms ahead of the front earlier in the evening, and now a line of storms moving east through the Stateline.  Luckily, these storms have shown a weakening trend, the reason being that our atmosphere is fairly dry, which isn't good for thunderstorm development.  However, these storms are still producing some heavy rain, and gusty winds are still possible while these storms weaken.  We've had radar-indicated reports of 50-60mph wind gusts in a couple of instances, but other than that wind gusts haven't been high enough to cause serious damage.  Hail was reported earlier as well, but only nickel-sized.  Since then, hail development has been hindered as instability has gotten lower.

The cold front will move out around 9pm, where we'll stay dry for the overnight with temperatures cooling to the mid 50°s.  However, there will be a strong inflow of cold air behind that front as we head through the overnight, which will cause winds to pick up a little bit between 10-15 mph.  This effect will also be occurring in the mid and upper-levels of the atmosphere.  This leads to a large 'wall' of cooler air moving into one area, so the force is greater.  Thus, strong winds come about, and this is also why we'll be cooler for tomorrow as well, and even the next few days.

We'll have another low pressure system sit west of us on Sunday, but it'll only bring some light rain showers to our area during the afternoon.  The light rain could pick up again early Monday morning, but other than that we'll stay dry next week as another high will move in Monday afternoon. 

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