Saturday, August 12, 2017

Beautiful Weekend Followed by a Stormy Week

We've had a great start to the weekend with temperatures in the mid to upper 70°s with plenty of sunshine to go along with it.  We're a little below our average of 83°, but it still felt great nonetheless.  A high pressure system is in place over our area, and will keep the skies clear as we progress through the evening, where temperatures will be in the low to mid 70°s.

The high will stay in place over our area for the overnight, which will cause temperatures to cool down pretty rapidly and this could result in some fog early tomorrow morning.  That high will track east during the day tomorrow, but we'll still get plenty of sunshine with some warmer temperatures in the upper 70°s to low 80°s. 

 You'll want to enjoy the nice weather while you can, because once we get into the work week our storm chances will go up.  A low pressure system will develop out west, and slowly progress towards our area during the work week.  It will continually pull in warm air and moisture starting on Monday, eventually warming us into the mid to upper 80°s by Wednesday.  Unfortunately, the moisture inflow will result in high humidity returning to our area by Wednesday as well, with dew point temperatures looking to be in the low to mid 70°s.

Storms are expected Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon.  A cold front will move through on Wednesday, and with this being the day where we hit our peak temperatures with relatively high humidity, we could see some pretty strong thunderstorms.  The storms will linger during the late-night hours, but by that point the severity of them will go down.  The front will slowly move through our area, and will still be in our area by the time Thursday afternoon rolls around.  It'll be in Dekalb county by around 1pm Thursday, but the storms that form in Dekalb during that time aren't expected to be severe.  Those storms will die down around 4pm, when the front moves out.

The rest of the Stateline area may see some light rain showers during the afternoon, but those will clear up by the evening.  Drier air settles in afterwards, with sunshine and temperatures in the low 80° expected as we head into the weekend.

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