Friday, August 4, 2017

Cooling Down

It was a pretty cool and windy end to the work week, as temperatures stayed in the low to mid 60°s during the afternoon.  The only reason we saw 70° temperatures at the start of the evening was because the clouds cleared just in time to give us some warm sunlight. 

The reason we saw the colder air today was because we have a low pressure system to the north, and a high pressure system to the west.  This allows for a strong channeling of cooler air from the north, but this would only bring us into the low to mid 70°s.  However, this was also occurring in the mid and upper-levels of the atmosphere.  This allowed for a 'wall' of cold air to move in from the north, cooling down our atmosphere quite a bit, and combined with the fact that the low pressure system kept our cloud cover pretty thick through most of the day, temperatures were able to settle in the low to mid 60°s.

Luckily, that high pressure system out west has been moving closer to us, which is why the clouds cleared up during the start of the evening.  That high pressure system will move over our area for the overnight and keep the skies clear, which will cool us down into the mid 50°s.  That high will track southeast tomorrow afternoon, where it'll be able to pull in some warmer air out of the south, bringing us into the upper 70°s. 

Another low will move in from the west on Sunday and pull in some warm air and moisture into our area.  This will thicken up our cloud cover Sunday morning, which will keep temperatures from getting warm.  Along with that, the moisture inflow from the south will form some light rain showers during the afternoon, which will cool off the already lowered temperatures from the cloud cover even more.  This will result in temperatures only reaching the upper 60°s on Sunday.

Once we get into the work week, a high pressure system will move in from the north and keep our temperatures fairly cool for most of the work week in the low to mid 70°s, but it'll also keep the weather dry.  The high will settle over our area towards the end of the week, which will bring us more sunshine and allow temperatures to warm up into the upper 70°s.

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