Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Mild Start to Winter

January 14th marks the end of the first half of meteorological winter and for the second year in a row we've seen some very unwinterlike weather.

Let's start with the temperatures. Just like last winter, temps have averaged in the 30s so far, which is almost ten degrees above normal.

Snowfall has also been hard to come by this year. As dry as last year was, we are actually on pace to see even LESS snow this year.

Even though it's been mild, every winter has its cold snaps. We haven't seen many up to this point, though. Only four days with lows in the single digits, which is more than last year, but way below normal.

Something else you've probably noticed is how much of a polar opposite the winters were between 2008-2011. But the way things are going, this winter will not be like that. Not even close.

For a full look at what the first half of this winter has looked like, you can check out the official NWS page here. -BA

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