Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rockford Weather Year In Review

It's officially 2013, so let's take a look back at a record breaking 2012.

The biggest headline from 2012 was how warm it was. The average temperature for Rockford last year was 53.1°, making it the warmest year we've seen on record.

Other temperature records include the warmest March (52.4°) and July (80.8°) on record for Rockford and the warmest December temperature on record (69°).

Coming in a very close second in terms of making headlines was how dry we were. 2012 was the third driest year on record for Rockford. If it wasn't for all the rain we saw during our December blizzard, we would have set the record easily. These dry conditions led to a massive drought that we're still dealing with today.

Other interesting tidbits about 2012 include the fact that we never went below zero degree in Rockford, but hit 100 degrees six times. The last time we had multiple days hitting 100 degrees in the same year was 1988.

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