Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weather's Affect on the Chicago Bridgeport Fire

If you didn't hear the news, there was a 5-11 alarm fire in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood (south of downtown) Tuesday night. There are several interesting weather angles that can be taken from this story.

Courtesy: Dave Traiforos
First, here's a shot of the fire as it was happening Tuesday night. As you can see, this was a serious situation. According to reports, about one-third of all Chicago firefighters were on the scene to help put out the fire at one point.

Courtesy: NWS Chicago
Even if you weren't in the area, you could still see the fire if you checked out Chicago's NWS radar. You can actually see northwest winds carrying the plume of smoke out over Lake Michigan!

Courtesy: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Let's fast forward to Wednesday. The fire is out, but with these bitter cold temperatures, all the water used to battle the flames how now turned to warehouse into an ice palace. Check it out!

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