Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pattern change will bring colder weather back by the middle of January

A split flow pattern in the jetstream once again keeps us stuck between the extreme cold to the north and the active weather to the south.  Mild, Pacific air will be in place these next several days warming temperatures 15° to almost 20° above average!  One thing that may prevent the warmth from getting too out of control may be the lingering cloud cover and fog.  Something we'll have to watch these next few days. 
Cut-off low pressure in northern Mexico will bring heavy rain and severe weather through parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama through Wednesday night before the low lifts into northern Illinois by Thursday evening.  Rainfall, heavy at times, along with a rumble of thunder or two will occur Thursday through Thursday night before ending by Friday.  As the low moves into Canada by Friday afternoon a deep trough will begin to build in the west while warmth continues to expand across the Great Lakes and Northeast.  A strong cold front will move through Saturday afternoon with the core of the cold air brushing us to the north.  Temperatures will drop from the 40s Saturday down into the 20s by Sunday on the heels of a gusty northwest wind.  The colder pattern looks to remain in place next week as an overall hemispheric pattern shift occurs as blocking high pressure develops near Alaska and the southeastern part of the United States. 

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