Monday, January 21, 2013

Wind chills remain below zero throughout the day

A Wind Chill Advisory remains in effect for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin through Tuesday.  Temperatures this morning have dropped into the single digits but wind chills are as low as -20°!  We had a fair amount of cloud cover overnight and even a few light snow showers, but we'll continue to lose the clouds through the morning which will cause temperatures to drop into the low single digits and stay there through the day with a gusty northwest wind. 
As the temperature ranges from 4° to 7° this afternoon the wind chills will stay below zero all afternoon making it the coldest day we've experienced in years.  While the wind will lighten up some tonight temperatures will continue to tumble with lows dropping to -4° by Tuesday morning and wind chills nearing -20°.  With the cold setting in remember to dress in layers if you have to go outside.  Check on your neighbors and make sure outside pets have proper shelter and plenty of food and if you can bring them in during this cold snap, please do so.  Thankfully the cold won't last for more than a couple days as temperatures are expected to rise back into the 20s by the end of the week. 

Keep in mind that the cold air will also be very dry.  It may be a good idea to keep a humidifier running in the house to maintain proper moisture and reduce static electricity.  Also, you can put a rug or towel at the base of your door to help reduce drafts and NEVER use an outdoor heating source indoors or use space heaters, stoves or candles for additional heat.   

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