Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What We Know About Our Next Winter Storm

Every since last week, we've been talking about Thursday and Friday's winter storm and saying that we have to be patient and let the weather models come together before we know with certainty what's going to happen. Despite one big question mark (We'll get to that in a moment), there's a lot that we DO know about our next storm.

Location of Next Storm as of Tuesday Night

TIMING: Models have been pretty consistent the last couple days in saying this next system will roll in late Thursday (after sunset) and sticking around through Friday.

PRECIP TYPE: This storm system will bring a mostly snow event. We could see a little bit of wintry mix, including freezing drizzle, but the bulk of the snow will fall during the overnight hours on Thursday and early Friday morning.

MOST AFFECTED AREAS: While everyone is all but guaranteed to see accumulating snow, it looks like the heaviest snow totals will be to our west.

Now here's what we DON'T know, and it's a biggie... actual snow totals. As stated earlier, everyone will see accumulating snow, but a slight shift in the path of this storm with have a big impact on what we see.

Here's what some of the model runs are saying... but we won't make an official snow forecast until Wednesday.

RPM (In-house model): 4-6"
Afternoon NAM: 7"
Afternoon GFS: 4-5"

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