Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Weekend Snowfall?

The First two weekends of December received quite a bit of snow, and this weekend looks to be no different.

The system is still a few days away, and still off the west coast but we are watching the Friday to Saturday time frame for potentially another round of accumulating snow, and maybe even some mix potential. The details however are still murky on how this system plays out, and the million dollar question right now is what type of precipitation exactly we will see.

Models are still diverging on which outcome will play out but we are watching two possible scenarios. The track of this low is varying a bit, some models want to take the low through California, through the Rockies and the Plains and then hook it northeast over the Stateline. But once the low moves to the Mississippi River Valley details vary. If the low takes more of a southern track through central Illinois, it will put northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin on the 'cold side' of the system. It means we would receive more accumulating snowfall as well. However, other models want to take the low farther north, which would put the Stateline in the cross-hairs for not only snow but a wintry mix, and even ice. If we draw in warmer air it would help to lift the freezing line north. Meteorologists pay attention to this line in the atmosphere because it helps to delineate where temperatures are cold enough to support snow. Even our recent snow pack will play a role in how the low tracks. Once the system makes it onshore we will have a better idea on some of the dynamics of how the system evolves.

So while the exact type of precipitation is unclear, we are expecting another winter system for the area. We will make sure to keep you posted!

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