Saturday, December 17, 2016

Another Round of Snow and then Frigid Temperatures

An incoming cold front has been the focal point for another round of snow that arrived earlier this afternoon. Moderate snow will continue through midnight tonight and this line of snow moves northeast. An additional 1-3" of snow is expected across the area tonight, and with very cold air moving in behind the front the snow will be very powdery and fluffy. Winds behind the cold front will steadily increase turning very gusty, and blowing snow will also be a concern.

Potential hazards would be snow covered roads with falling snow, and then blowing and drifting snow, as well as low visibility in areas that have strong winds or moderate to heavy snow fall rates. You'll want to use a lot of caution if you are heading out this evening.

Once we are done with the snow, the cold arctic air arrives early Sunday morning and departs Monday afternoon. But this will be extreme and dangerous cold for the area. Sunday's high will be record breaking if theforecast verifies, the record cold high is 0° for Sunday and the forecast high is -5°. We briefly making it to -5° but most of the day will be spent near -10°. Not only will temperatures be cold, but wind chill values will make it feel much worse. We can expect wind chill values through Sunday afternoon to stay anywhere between -25° to -30°, and this will also be the forecast chills for Monday morning as well.

 One key piece will be wind speeds, a slight increase in wind speeds will drastically change wind chills. If winds pick up a bit more than forecast, wind chills could potentially drop to -35° or lower. A Wind Chill Advisory will go into effect early Sunday morning through Monday morning, but trends will be monitored. A Wind Chill Warning is possible, but right now not in place. Regardless it will be extremely cold, make sure to take proper precautions and dress warmly. Keep a cold weather kit in your car as well, in case you were to get stranded.
The good news is, temperatures will go up quickly Monday afternoon and continue to warm for the rest of the week.

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